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The ultimate guide to...

Buying duvets & pillows

Choose the perfect pillow and the correct duvet for all seasons with the help of our duvet and pillows buying guide.

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Choosing the right tog

A tog is a measurement of the amount of warmth a quilt will provide; the higher the tog the warmer the quilt.

4.5 tog 9 tog & 10.5 tog 13.5 tog & 15 tog 4.5 tog + 9 tog
Cool - summer use Warm - spring & autumn use Extra warm - winter use All seasons - duvets can be joined for warmth

There are three essential things to consider:

  • The temperature outside. The season - summer, winter or in between
  • The temperature inside. How warm do you keep your bedroom?
  • Your natural temperature. Are you warm or cold when you sleep?

Choosing a filling

Below is a guide for which tog is suitable for which environment or season

The filling of duvets and pillows are split into two categories: natural and synthetic (or man made) products.

Natural duvets and pillows are filled with feathers and down. They are soft, light and help to keep warmth within the bed through their breathable properties.

Natural fillings

  • Duck feather and down - This classic introduction to natural fillings provides good drape and warmth for quilts and good comfort and support for pillows
  • Goose feather and down - A luxurious blend of goose feathers and down for softness and support for pillows. Larger clusters of down provide greater drape with no added weight
  • Luxury down - Premium quality filling for an extra light and fluffy comfort and excellent light drape. Ideal for sleeping on your side or back when little support is needed
  • Hungarian goose down - The ultimate natural luxury, the finest light and soft fluffy filling for improved comfort and support with a luxury soft cotton cover

Synthetic fillings

    Synthetic duvets and pillows are filled with man made fibres which are easy care for long lasting use making them highly practical and non allergenic.

  • Hollowfibre Excellent value, hollowfibre is a plump fibre filling which provides non allergenic comfort and warmth in duvets
  • Easy Wash Washable at 60C, the temperature that kills dust mites, for a long lasting easy care filling that provides good comfort, support and warmth
  • Anti-allergy A luxury non allergenic, easy care soft fibre that provides excellent comfort and support and drapes snugly around the body for improved comfort
  • Feels like down The finest luxury synthetic alternative to feather and down. A supremely soft fibre that drapes excellently around the body and has a soft comfy support

Mattress protectors & toppers

Mattress and pillow protectors are a perfect addition to any bed helping to keep your bed clean and fresh for improved comfort and a better nights sleep.

Benefits of bed protectors

  • Prolonged use Mattress and pillow protectors help keep your bed clean, extending the life of your mattress and pillow
  • Improved comfort A quilted mattress or pillow protector will add an extra layer of comfort to your bed
  • Hygienic Washable protectors help to keep your bed clean and fresh and help remove dust mites

What are mattress toppers?

Mattress toppers simply enhance the comfort of your mattress through an extra deep quilted layer of filing that attaches and sits on top of your mattress.

Proven to improve your mattress comfort by 40 per cent it is the single most effective way of improving your comfort at night, with a thick rich layer of a superior fibre filling or a pure luxurious natural down with a super soft cotton cover to give you the best possible nights sleep.

Need a new pillow?

Take the pillow test to find out!

  • Natural Pillow - Place on a flat surface. Fold the pillow in half and squeeze out the air
  • Release the pillow. If it doesn't return to its original shape you need a new pillow.
  • Synthetic Pillow - Place on a flat surface. Fold the pillow in half and place a medium size shoe or trainer on the folded pillow
  • If the pillow does not throw the shoe off and return to its original shape then you need a new pillow


    Your pillow is very important to making sure you get the best night's sleep possible. You need to get the right level of support for your neck and head, and be comfortable throughout the night. An easy way to understand your needs is to look at the way you sleep.

    Sleep on your side?
    A firm pillow will provide the best support for your head and neck as they will help to keep your spine straight.

    Sleep on your front or back?
    Choose a softer pillow as your head is much nearer to the mattress and therefore requires less support. This will keep your head and neck in alignment with your spine.

    Sleep on your side and back?
    A medium pillow will support your head, neck, shoulders and spine.

Caring for pillows

  • Air regularly, especially when new or cleaned
  • Wash regularly to prevent moisture and dust accumulating (always check wash care label)
  • Do not dry clean as solvent fumes may get tripped in the fibres
  • Pump up after use to retain shape and comfort
  • Use a pillow protector to make washing easy and to extend the life of your pillow.
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