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Clothing Care Labelling

Ensure you know exactly what the laundry care advice on a garment means with our guide to clothing care labelling.

Wash Care Labels - have been created to provide consumers with useful advice on textile aftercare. Following the details provided on care label should ensure your clothing retains its appearance for as long as possible.
Testing - Debenhams product is fully tested to British Standards, to ensure it is fit for purpose and it will perform to at least the prescribed wash-care.
Our Approach - To provide customers with the easiest care option, taking into account style details and end use.
Johnsons - Debenhams has a special arrangement with Johnsons who test our occasionwear product for dry cleanability. Any product which passes this test is given a label which refers to Johnsons and includes a free phone number where the customer can locate their nearest cleaners.

May be dry cleaned in Perchloroethylene.

May be dry cleaned in Perchloroethylene. The line indicates a gentler cycle is used by the dry cleaner.

May be professionally dry cleaned with gentler solvents and cycle.

Do not Dry Clean.

Debenhams do not promote the use of bleach as concentrated chlorine is not ecologically friendly, especially when washed away in the drainage system.

Do not use chlorine based bleach
Number stated in the symbol relates to recommended wash temperature.

The bars below the wash tub relate to the recommended wash cycle, including spin and agitation levels.

Advanced performance of modern detergents and washing machines means that many products can now be washed at lower temperature. Debenhams promotes the use of 30°C washes at the customer's discretion.

Wash as cotton (no bar) Maximum machine action & normal spinning.
Wash as Synthetics (single bar) Reduced machine action & spinning.
Wash as Wool (double bar) Much reduced machine action & normal spinning.
Hand Wash Only.
Do not wash.
The temperatures given below are a general guide. Steaming may be beneficial to remove unwanted creasing especially on cotton and viscose.

Hot Iron.
Max Temp 200°C

Warm Iron.
Max Temp 150°C

Cool Iron.

Do not Dry Iron.

Many items can be safely tumble dried but only if the appropriate symbols are on the wash care label, otherwise tumble drying product can result in shrinkage.

Tumble drying possible at high heat setting.

Tumble drying possible at low heat setting.

Do not Tumble Dry.