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Garden Furniture

Choosing furniture to compliment your garden size or your desired space is essential.
Ensure you leave enough space around your furniture. Remember, you need to be able to move around it as well as use it! Use an extendable table for large families and guests.
Consider storage benches to conceal cushions and toys. Have a smaller space?
Folding tables and chairs may be the better option, especially when considering storage out-of-use.

Protection and care for product

Debenhams' outdoor furniture is available in a range of different materials and finishes to suit different styles and needs.

  • Store furniture indoors when not in use.
  • Garden furniture covers will keep things clean and dry.
  • Tilt furniture after bad weather so any water can drain away and air can circulate.

Considerations for Buying Outdoor Wood Furniture

  • Wood requires a little extra TLC. Where it will be placed - exposed to the elements or will it have overhead protection?
  • Will be placed on a hard surface or soft ground. Placing outdoor wood furniture on hard surfaces should help prevent rot and mildew.
  • Humidity, hot sun and rain/moisture all affect wood differently. Re-glazing can extend the life of wooden outdoor furniture but how often depends on usage and exposure.

Decide on the material

  • If you're a fan of traditional wooden furniture then hardwood will stand the test of time and has a warm, natural style.
  • For something contemporary, Rattan-effect furniture is brilliant.
  • We also have ranges in other materials which are comfortable, hard-wearing, low maintenance and good value for money. Eg. aluminium, metal & mesh or other mixed materials.

Wooden furniture

Different wood has different properties. Care for hardwood by cleaning after the summer and treating with a wood oil or preservative. Softwoods should be treated more regularly.

  • Acacia: High quality solid hardwood. Coarse texture and a close, straight grain. Prone to drying, so benefits from annual treatment with a wood preservative.
  • Hardwoods: Dense, durable timber typically with a rich, pink-brown colour and moderately coarse, even grain. Rich in resin, it is used as an alternative to oak.
  • Teak: Tropical hardwood and all-weather material. Weathers beautifully to silvery grey. High natural oil content means it is durable in heat and cold. Golden to dark brown in colour, it is dense with a coarse texture. It has the unique property of not causing rust or corrosion in contact with metal.
  • Eucalyptus: Eco-friendly tropical hardwood, with high natural oil content, so similar to Teak. Also durable, naturally weather proof, extremely hard with a rich honey colour and subtle rose highlights.

Metal Furniture

Metal is great if you are looking for low maintenance, long-lasting furniture.

  • Wrought iron: Often intricate with detailed designs, this heavy material is a good choice for windy or exposed areas. Powder coating guards against rust.
  • Steel: Often powder coated for extra protection. It feels more solid than aluminium, and less heavy than iron. Good for fold away pieces.
  • Aluminium: Practical and lightweight, great if it’s going to be moved around. Doesn't rust but when in full sun it can retain heat so try to keep in shade.

Rattan Furniture

Wicker is a weaving process that can be made from any natural or man-made material that is pliable enough to be woven.

  • For outdoor furniture synthetic vinyls and resins are used
  • A similar weaving process is used for both natural and synthetic materials, giving them the same wicker look.
  • Outdoor wicker furniture usually has rust-resistant aluminium frames. Of all the materials used to make outdoor sofas, synthetic rattan (sometimes called poly-rattan) is most common.
  • It is strong, lightweight and easy to move, susceptible to stains and dyes (comes in various neutral or bright colours) and resistant to the elements. To clean just wipe with a cloth.

Considerations for Buying Rattan Furniture

  • All our Rattan furniture is treated to be weather resistant - reducing the level of protection required.
  • Stained and sealed Rattan resists water and handles moderate changes in temperature very well.
  • If left outdoors during colder weather, Rattan can wear, split or peel.

Garden Accessories Parasols

Protection against the sun, but we also have water-resistant parasols. Hanging parasols offer shade without an obstructive pole/frame. All our parasols come with 90% UV-protection which means at least 90% UV radiation is blocked.

Garden Accessories Gazebos

Ideal for summer parties and BBQs or just extra privacy and sun or rain cover. Most of our gazebos have washable fabric so are easy to keep clean.

Garden Accessories Garden Sofas

Outdoor sofa ranges are customisable to fit your space. Also perfect for conservatories.

Garden Accessories Garden Storage

Store outdoor toys, cushions, tools with storage benches that double as seating for smaller spaces.

Delivery Options

  • Our garden furniture is delivered to space of choice - garden, garage or otherwise. Some items require some assembly but guidelines are included to make it easy.
  • Build your item where you plan to position it, but make sure there's plenty of space to move around.
  • Assembling larger furniture is usually much easier with more than one person.
  • The product information will say how many people are needed for assembly.