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Kids' footwear

Because choosing your child's footwear is so important, we've put together all the key considerations to make shopping for kids' shoes, boots and wellies as easy as possible.

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Tips for measuring children's feet

  • Regularly measuring your child for footwear is very important to the long-term well being of their feet.
  • A Foot Fact to Remember: Around 70% of foot problems come from wearing the wrong footwear or ill-fitting shoes. The majority of these are caused by ill-fitting footwear worn as a child.
  • Make sure you always know the correct length of your children's feet by using a foot-sizing chart.
  • Continue to check foot size regularly particularly up to the age of 5.


Though always an adorable gift idea, care should be taken when choosing babygrows and knitted booties for babies. The foot part should always be long enough to avoid cramming baby's toes.

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We stock a wide variety of boots for kids. Ensure the boots you choose are fit for the purpose. Warm knitted boots are great in the winter, while classic leather boots are great all year round.

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Casual shoes

Casual shoes are generally comfortable for kids as long as the child's foot has been measured correctly. At times there can be some width variations between brands, but Debenhams shoes for kids all have extra width.

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Formal shoes

Formal shoes, including slip-on pumps for girls, are generally well sized and comfortable to wear. With slip-ons it is important not to choose shoes that are too small - there is such a thing as too snug.

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Sandals & flip flops

Most high quality modern sandals for children will have adjustable straps, for a better fit and improved comfort, while flip flops for kids are a great option for comfort in warmer climates.

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School shoes

A child's school shoes should be very comfortable, simply because they will spend so much time in them. Always ensure they fit well and are easy to walk in.

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Always a great gift idea for kids, soft slippers are perfect for keeping children's feet warm and cosy at home.

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There are many styles and brands of trainers to choose from, each with their own positives. Extra cushioning and width are technical features to look out for.

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A child's pair of wellies should be produced using high quality rubber and be both durable and comfortable.

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Top tips for children's feet

  • Always have your child's feet measured for length and width.
  • Check the size of their socks.
  • Inspect their shoes regularly for unusual wear and, if concerned, seek professional advice as any problems could indicate posture issues.
  • If possible, do not put your child in the same shoes every day. Alternate shoes to allow them to dry out, particularly if the foot is sweaty.
  • Avoid the use of plimsolls in school all day, every day.
  • Be aware that blisters and sores may develop with new shoes.
  • Inspect your children's feet regularly for inflamed nails and red marks around the foot.