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The process of buying maternitywear can be a complex one. While your body is changing, your fashion instincts remain the same, leading you to forge something of a love/hate relationship with that blossoming bump. With this in mind, Debenhams has put together a handy guide to buying maternitywear, to help get you through those little 'bumps' in the road.

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Step 1 - Size up your options

When shopping for maternitywear, you should note that while your shape has changed, your hanger size has not. Remember, maternitywear is designed to give you that extra bit of room wherever you need it the most.

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Step 2 - Create your comfort zone

The no.1 rule of maternitywear is comfort. Clothes during pregnancy need to make you feel at ease, with enough stretch in the fabric to grow - no matter the rate at which you do.

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Step 3 - Find the right support

It is vital to provide support for your bump and back, so be sure to select lingerie in a range of sizes, providing you with plenty of options to fit perfectly as you grow.

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Step 4 - Find a fashion that fits

Have fun with your bump. Maternity style follows the same basic trends as mainstream fashion, so don't let your new figure stop you from experimenting with new looks.

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Choose comfortable shoes

Your feet will start to swell during the course of your pregnancy, so comfort is key. Slip-on options are more stylish than ever these days and, if you can't give them up just yet, many heeled designs offer extra support and comfort.

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Buy bump-size, not plus-size

Plus-size ranges may have pretty options, but maternity clothes are especially designed to offer you the right support, in all the right places.

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Accessorise it up

Your clothing size may have changed, but your favourite earrings will continue to fit. Perk up your outfits with your favourite accessories, or simply shop for more.

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Tips for the mother-to-be

Wondering which items are maternity must-haves? Debenhams has picked out a few key pieces guaranteed to support you through your pregnancy.

  • A pair of black trousers is a wardrobe staple. A versatile option, they'll look great in the day, at night or in the office.
  • Light exercise is recommended during your pregnancy, with some great sporty looks available to offer you comfort, support and style.
  • Denim can be paired with anything and never goes out of fashion. Invest in a pair of stretch denim jeans or a denim skirt and you'll have maternity casual chic sorted.
  • Beat the bump blues by investing in at least one outfit, be it an elegant dress or eye-catching top, that's 100% guaranteed to make you feel fabulous.