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Men's Sunglasses

Find the perfect pair of sunglasses from our large collection. Featuring the latest styles from top brands including Police, Ray Ban, Fossil and more, our range of sunglasses for men has all your favourite sunglasses shapes and styles like aviator, rimless and rectangle.

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Why wear sunglasses?

Prevents glare and squinting

The most common symptom is due to glare which is the reflection of light on surfaces.


Sunglasses have become a key fashion accessory with new collections launched each year.


Fashionably laid-back, aviator sunglasses offer a cool, versatile shape for men of all ages.

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Full frame

Full frames are the classic sunglasses design that has constantly been reinvented and adapted by brands and designers. Full frame sunglasses have the frame go all around the lenses.

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Half frame

Half frame sunglasses are very popular and include designs like the visor which are popular with athletes.

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Get noticed with a pair of rectangular lens sunglasses. A bold, statement choice for guys who like to look different.

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Rimless sunglasses can be worn with any outfit, although they can be more fraglile than other styles so may not be suitable for sport.

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A classic sunglasses design that has been embraced by the world's top designers, square sunglasses are an iconic and timeless choice.

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Sunglasses to suit your face shape


If you have an round shaped face then it's worth sticking to a couple of rules. Try to stick to wider frames and the classic Wayfarer style.


Tending to be quite narrow, the rectangular face shape, with its high cheekbones and elongated features, can benefit from large square or round sunglasses frames.


Slightly different from the rectangular face shape, triangular face shapes should avoid narrow frames and look for a larger rectangular shaped frame.


A square face suits a rounded frame which softens the face shape. Angular frame shapes should be avoided.


If you have an oval shaped face then it's good news for you, as this is the face shape that will suit the majority of shapes and sunglasses.

Lens categories

Filter Categories are a good guide for choosing the correct lens. The correct filter category for each pair of sunglasses can be found in the warranty leaflet. The darker the lens the lower the amount of light let through. All lenses offer good UV protection.

Category Lens Tint Function Environment % Light
4 Dark For very bright conditions. Not recommended for driving. Mountains, Glaciers & Sea 3 - 8%
3 Dark For bright sunlight. General purpose. Sea & Mountains 8 - 18%
2 Medium tint For sunny weather. General purpose. General 18 - 43%
1 Slight tint Fashion tint for low light conditions. General 43 - 80%
0 Clear Fashion tint for low light conditions. Urban 80 - 100%