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In today's modern lifestyle it is hard to fit in cooking with everything else so to make life easier microwaves offer a quick, easy and convenient method of cooking.

From simply heating up leftovers to defrosting a chicken breast fast, you have all cooking options available to you at a touch of a button. We have put a guide together so that you can buy a microwave that will cook you up a tasty meal in moments.

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There are three types of microwaves:

  • Standard Available in different sizes and models these microwaves allow you to reheat, defrost and cook food based on various cooking instructions
  • Microwaves with a Grill Ideal for browning or crisping, these microwaves have a grill feature so that you can get the same results as you would using a conventional grill. They also have the cooking, reheating and defrosting options
  • Combination Microwaves These microwaves are a combination of all the above features plus the option to cook in the same way as a conventional oven so that all your cooking needs are taken care of. This means that you can heat, grill and oven cook.
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Key Features

  • Power Levels - Microwave power can range from 600 - 1100 watts. The higher the wattage the faster your food will cook
  • Preset Programmes - Microwaves come with pre-set channels to accommodate all your needs from cooking to reheating and defrosting
  • Automatic Cooking and Defrosting - Based on the actual weight of the food this feature allows microwaves to assess the time needed to cook an item safely
  • Sensor Cooking - Based on the moisture of a food item and the ovens humidity this feature automatically adjusts power levels and cooking time to give you the best results.

Useful tips

Remember: The power of a microwave is measured in watts and the higher the wattage the faster your food will cook.



Is the maximum amount of food that can be put in to a microwave.

Child lock

Is the safety precaution on appliances that children cannot access.


Is a microwave that has a microwave facility plus a grill and oven option so that you can get the best results when cooking.


Refers to the standard oven and grill cooking facilities.


Is the thawing process of frozen food items so that it can be cooked safely.

Digital display

The most common symptom is due to glare which is the reflection of light on surfaces.


Is the setting on a microwave that allows you to grill food items to get the same results as a conventional grill?

Power levels

Are the degrees of power used to cook food items and vary from high to low?


Allows you to set your own cooking times.