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Men's suits

We've put together a men's suit buying guide to help you find the perfect suit for the office, a wedding or even a day at the races. Our very own Designer at Debenhams, Jeff Banks, will talk you through all you need to know in our videos to ensure you get the right suit for you.

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Debenhams TV: Suits top tips

Choosing the perfect suit for the right occassion can be testing at the best of times. Why not let Jeff Banks, Designer at Debenhams, an expert in the field give you some top tips so you can choose your ideal suit and wear it with confidence.

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Suit fits

Possibly the most important aspect of a suit is its fit. Don't be tempted to buy a suit that 'might' fit or 'could' fit if other items are worn. Get the fit right and you'll not only look good, you'll feel good too.

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Work & business suits

Choosing a suit for the office or boardroom can be difficult. What colour? Stripes or no stripes? How many buttons?

Jeff Banks offers his expert advice on how to choose the perfect business suit.

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Suits for summer

Don't sweat it out - find a smart but lightweight suit for all your summer events with the helpful guidance of Jeff Banks.

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Travel suit

Travel suits are made especially to deal with being packed in a suitcase. Jeff Banks talks you through their benefits and offers some handy tips for when you travel.

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Black tie dinner suits

Find out about the history of black tie suits and the subtleties involved in choosing the correct one.

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What's in a suit?

With years of suit designing experience behind him, who better to talk through how a men's suit is designed and tailored than our Designer at Debenhams, Jeff Banks.

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Meet Jeff Banks

Jeff Banks has had a considerable impact on British Fashion for 40 years. From the year he left college starting Clobber -one of the five leading boutiques in London during the sixties, Banks fashion influence has been irrepressible.

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