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What do I wear to a wedding?

Whether you're the usher, best man or a wedding guest looking for sharp tailoring, luxe tuxes and designer suits, we’ve got the finest selection of styles for contemporary and traditional weddings.

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Traditional wedding

Weddings are traditionally black tie events but that trend is changing with other colours more than accepted. But remember, above all, look good, feel good and be confident. No-one wants to see a sulking guest!

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It's more than likely you will be in this shirt for the best part of the day. Choose one that you will be comfortable wearing at both the wedding breakfast table and on the dance floor.

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Whether you prefer a traditional tie or a bow tie, it's never a bad thing to don one regardless. Remember, if the weather is hot you can always take it off, but, in our opinion, you'll look smarter in the wedding photos if you have a tie to hand.

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Beach wedding

More and more weddings are taking place abroad, with a proportion of those happening in a beach setting. Choose a light suit which gives you plenty of freedom to move and breath.

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With a hot or humid wedding on the cards then a short sleeve shirt may seem to be the answer. But this will impact on the flow of your jacket. So, either wear a long sleeve to roll up or a jacket that you know you will take off.

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Because you may wish to wear shorts a belt becomes all the more essential. It's ability to break up an outfit becomes priceless plus dress shorts are notorious for not staying up under (dance floor) pressure.

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Evening guest

If you go to a wedding as an evening guest you are afforded more freedom in your attire, but don't take this to mean you can be lazy. Instead it's a chance to dress with more expression while still staying smart and stylish.

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Trousers don't have to be 'super' smart and neither do they need to match a jacket - that is entirely up to you. Check the invite, are smart jeans an option? Use any opportunity to look smart while staying relaxed.

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Again dress shoes need not apply but a pair of brogues or similar footwear are definitely the way to go. Depending on the time year, boat shoes might also be an option worth considering.

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Modern wedding

We're more than a decade into the 2000s and weddings should refelct this. Sharp suits with plenty of flair are not uncommon, just be careful not to show up the bride.

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Waistcoats, and the three-piece suit, are back. Embrace the fact. If you go for it, take time to get fitted properly - this is vital. A certainty is you'll be one of the best dressed of the day and night.

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These are a vital component on any wedding day so take time to consider your options. Will you try to match your tie to your outfit? Contrast with it? Or match it with a pocket handkerchief. The choice is yours.

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