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Ski wear

Every year, more and more of us are hitting the ski slopes for a skiing holiday. Make sure you have all the ski wear you need to make this year's trip a successful one. Our collection of high quality ski wear and accessories brings together top ski brands and offers warm winter jackets and all the ski slope essentials you could ever need.

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Ski jackets

A jacket you love is a ski trip essential, find the perfect ski jacket from our impressive collection.

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Ski trousers

A comfortable pair of skiing trousers is crucial for your movement on the slopes - key to a successful skiing trip.

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Fleece & knitwear

Our range of top quality fleece and knitwear is a must have for any ski bag.

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Ski accessories

Find all the accessories you need to keep you kitted out warm and stylish.

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Tips for skiwear

  • If you want to stay warm when you're on the mountain, dress in layers.
  • Weather can change on a mountain, you need to be prepared. If the sun comes out, you can always remove a layer.
  • A tee or top with ventilation and moisture control is crucial as a base layer.
  • A fleece sweater or a soft shell jacket can keep you incredibly warm on colder mountain days.
  • The right ski jacket is essential for a successful skiing trip.
  • Make sure you have a pair of ski pants that is warm, well fitting and comfortable to move around in.
  • Insulated jackets are very warm and comfortable and offer protection from wind, snow and rain.
  • A shell jacket may protect you from the mountain elements, but beware that it is not as warming as an insulated ski jacket.