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Women's Denim lookbook

A wardrobe staple, outlasting all trends and fleeting fancies of fashion, denim is a must-have season in, season out.

A denim essential, the jean has been popular ever since Grace Kelly donned a pair in Hitchcock's 'Rear Window' in the fifties, finally gracing the cover of Vogue in 1988. Fast forward to present day and, such is the popularity of jeans, we're spoilt for choice. From skinny to bootcut, straight to shape-enhancing, there's a fit for every occasion - and an occasion for every fit.

Here, we take you through the classic styles and the current trends - helping you discover your own style, favourite fit and perfect denim match.

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A fitted design, the bootcut option does exactly what it says on the tin, with slight flaring at the ankle to enable the style to sit easily over a pair of boots.

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The classic shape, straight leg jeans are cut just as the name suggests, with the same width through the knee to the thigh to the ankle - with no tapering or flare.

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Close fitting jeans that feel snug all over, the skinny isn't made solely for the skinny, with all shapes and sizes found to be fans of the no-fuss style - perfect for slipping inside knee-high boots.

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The name for jeggings comes from the fact that they are basically a combination of jeans and leggings. Something of a second skin for the wearer, the style is made up of a stretch fabric that looks like denim.

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Comfortably fitting jeans, the boyfriend cut is worn low on the waist with an overall loose fit, resulting in a casual, more masculine look - precisely as if you've just borrowed a pair of your boyfriend's jeans.

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Designed to not only fit, but flatter too, shape enhancing jeans come with intelligent seams designed to boost your bum or flatten that tum.

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Pregnancy is no reason for you to forgo your favourite style of jeans, with many options of maternity jeans available - complete with soft stretch waistband that sits over your bump, growing as you do.

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Designed for those with a small body frame, petite jeans ensure that the same styles, trends and fits are available to all those who are 5' 4" or below, from the bootcut, to the straight and the skinny.

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Throughout the decades denim has designed to grace the fashionable figure of many a style icon. Here we discover how the jeans in their past, can be found in the genes of your denim today.

Over the last decade, there's no
denying that the skinny style has come
to epitomise jeans. Fabulous with
anything and everything, the skinny is
versatile to the point where it can be
dressed up for a party with a glam top
and stilettos, or styled casual for the
pub with a simple tee and converse.

The fact that the Croydon-born
supermodel is a fan doesn't mean you
have to have a figure sans curves to be
able to pull these off - on the contrary,
the skinny fits to flatter.

Moss may be the icon for the skinny
style yet, to update her look for 2013,
the model will need to opt for a
high-waisted variety.

Back in the 1960s, Raquel Welch could
work her sultry style into a pair of jeans
with effortless ease. Fast-forward to
2013 and it's never been easier to
steal her sex appeal style - all thanks
to the creation of the Debenhams
bum-lifting jeans.

Fit with intelligent seams, this inventive
new style lifts your bum into a more
shapely position. Available in a range
of fits from skinny to bootcut, this bum
-lifting style can work perfectly from
day through to night.

The beautiful bum option at
Debenhams presents a shapely new
you for a fabulous New Year.

For many years, we girls have been
guilty of stealing our man's clothes.
Shirts, tees and, in the case of Carrie
Bradshaw, even boxers - occasionally
it can seem we love his clothes more
than him. Cottoning on to this, designers
nowadays tend to cut a little more
comfort into certain female styles -
significantly the boyfriend jean.

A long time in coming, our favourite
feminists, Thelma and Louise, drove
across America causing mayhem and
attracting (the wrong kind of) men
without the help of skin-tight denim.
High-waists, loose fits - the whole look
screamed tomboy chic - the image
remains a cinematic great.

COLOURED - Casual chic at its best, Jessica Alba is bright and beautiful in her coloured jeans.
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BOYFRIEND - Perfect for grunge glamour, Kylie Minogue teams her boyfriend fit with the highest of heels.
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SKINNY - American fashion 'It' girl Olivia Palmero knows that the skinny never goes out of style.
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