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Wearing well designed, well fitting underwear is a key part of looking and feeling our best at all times - but the world of lingerie can be overwhelming. From figuring out what size you are to which style best suits your bust shape - the questions are endless. And that's before you've even thought about buying any shapewear...

Don't get your knickers in a twist. Our lingerie hints and tips section is specially tailored to offer all the support you need to uncover which trick, or two, is the secret for you.

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Lingerie Style Guide

Your fab five - lingerie must-haves

1. A t-shirt bra

Again, this is all about creating a sleek silhouette, smoothing away any lumps and bumps under t-shirts, close fitting knitwear or bodycon outfits. Available in padded or non-padded options, both are completely smooth through the cup, making visible seams a non-issue. Let your clothes be the focus of what you're wearing - not what's underneath.

2. A pair of invisible knickers

A definite must-have, invisible knickers are perfect for eradicating the dreaded visible panty line. Made with a very flat bonded edge rather than traditional elastic, these are essential when wearing close fitting trousers or a pencil skirt. Opt for nude styles in the summer for a look that's virtually invisible under white.

3. A strapless bra

The one item of lingerie that scares more women than anything else is a strapless bra, with many concerned they won't be comfortable or will lack support. If you have a smaller bust and worry that a strapless bra may flatten you, invest in a style with added push-up to make the most of your shape. If you're larger busted and think you can't wear a strapless bra - you're wrong, with strapless bras available up to cup size H.

4. An item of shapewear

Truly a girl's best friend, shapewear is all about making the most of what you have - or faking what you don't. Whether it's light control for everyday shaping or hardcore firm support designed to take off inches, there's a solution for every shape. A classic all-rounder, we suggest the high-waisted thigh slimmer, a fabulous little fixer which smoothes, redefines and shapes everything from your waist through to your hips, bum and thighs.

5. A set of beautifully coordinated lingerie

Aside from the functional side of lingerie there are, of course, many gorgeous feminine styles to choose from. A set of beautifully coordinated lingerie makes you feel special, whether it's just to give you some inner confidence or for a special occasion. Every woman should own at least one set of truly beautiful, great fitting lingerie

Caring for your bra

A good bra gives you lots of support, so make sure you return the favour with a little TLC.

  • Wash at no more than 40°C
  • To prevent your bra from greying, try using a detergent with brightening agents.
  • Wash light and dark colours separately.
  • For particularly delicate designs, wash your bra in a lingerie bag or pillowcase.
  • Re-shape padded bras whilst damp - this helps to smooth out creases and helps the bra to dry in the right shape.
  • Line dry padded bras to avoid distorting the cups.
  • To help cups keep their shape, store in your lingerie drawer on top of other padded bras - cup on cup.

Know your knickers

With a million options of knickers to choose from, how do you know which to wear with what? It's easy really - just think about the look you're trying to achieve.

  • If you're opting for a close fitting dress, pencil skirt-style or body-skimming trousers, keep it classy with invisible knickers or a thong. The subsequent lack of VPL (visible panty line) allows you to look elegant, feel confident.
  • When wearing white, only nude options will do - choosing the right colour is just as important as selecting the correct shape and style.
  • Be sure to select the right size for you, helping to avoid any lumps and bumps in your style. If you feel you need a little help in holding it all together, opt for knickers that are specifically shapewear designed.

Creating a smooth silhouette is essential for enhancing your figure. When it comes to great style, it makes sense to start from the bottom up.

Sorting through shapewear

New to shapewear? Our quick tips should help with that first purchase...

  • Don't be tempted to buy one size too small - this will not offer extra support. When it comes to shapewear, stick to your usual size to ensure a fit that flatters.
  • Consider your outfit and event. We offer 3 levels of control and different fabrications to ensure your shapewear is as comfortable and effective as possible, without any restriction.
  • Try teaming your favourite bra with our WEAR YOUR OWN BRA shapewear. Offering a flexible fit, the range is available in a variety of shapes and styles, bodies or slips.
  • Always step into your shape wear. This ensures the control panels sit in the correct areas of your body.
    • Gather up the garment and make it as small as possible before stepping in.
    • Pull up the garment to secure it at the waist, under bust or over the shoulders, depending on the type of shapewear.
    • With a thigh slimmer, pull down each leg until it is comfortably in place.
  • Shapewear should always be worn first against the body, followed by hosiery if desired.

Behind the seams of DD+ bras

Ladies with a fuller bust often have trouble finding a perfect fitting bra. We're constantly working hard behind the scenes, with extra attention to detail, to make sure we're delivering the right bra for you.

  • Our fuller bust designs offer straps that are slightly wider and stronger, to help give that extra bit of support without digging into your shoulders.
  • Our designers constantly strive to ensure styles are as pretty as they are practical.
  • We offer a range of different shapes to give support for the larger bust. For example, our full cup bras have a side sling detail. This helps to achieve a more forward and uplifting shape.
  • Our wires are carefully developed to offer a superior level of support and comfort, ensuring they are strong enough to contain the weight of the bust, without pinching or pressing.
  • Fabrics are specially chosen to ensure the bra delivers the right support level for your bust, without compromising on design.

Whether you are looking for an everyday t-shirt bra, a practical strapless number or a chic and sexy set, we've done the hard work. All you need to do is choose your favourite style.

It's all about accessories

Got a little lingerie problem? We've selected a range of solution based bra accessories to help you solve those tricky outfit dilemmas.

Wearing a dress that's more skin, less fabric?

  • Try one of the stick on bras for concealed support.
  • Use a low back converter to turn your existing bra into a low back option.

Looking to make your fit more fabulous?

  • Back extenders can add up to 2 back sizes onto the underband.
  • Small cleavage pads are ideal for re-creating lost fullness, or striking a balance when breasts are not equal in size.

Whether you are looking for an everyday t-shirt bra, a practical strapless number or a chic and sexy set, we've done the hard work. All you need to do is choose your favourite style.