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Bridesmaid style advice

When it comes to planning a wedding, every bride should know that bridesmaids are her ultimate accessory.

Playing an essential part in the fairytale event bridesmaids will be seen, right by your side, by everyone present at the ceremony. They'll be in every photograph and, presumably, come the reception will prepare you a send off to remember.

With such an important role to play, it's vital they're dressed the part. With our range of gorgeous gowns and accessories, dressing them to impress will certainly be simpler than the trickiest of bridal wedding tasks - selecting the chosen few in the first place.

With so much to plan, it can be difficult to know where to start - and how to please everyone. Follow our style tips for bridesmaid glamour and, we promise, bride and groom won't be the only ones who are happy ever after.

Select a simple shape to ensure the bridal gown takes centre stage. Consider the complexion of your bridesmaids when choosing your shade, ensuring it flatters them all.

Choose a simple style and your bridesmaids will be able to wear their dress again.

The colours and types of flowers should blend in with the overall colour theme of the wedding and can be more colourful than the bride's.

Make sure all your bridesmaids have well-fitting, nude coloured underwear.

If you're holding a winter wedding, a beautiful cover-up won't compromise on style, leaving bridesmaids looking warm and feeling wonderful.

Choose from gold or bronze metallics for a discreet shimmer

Adorn the bridesmaids' hair with elegant, vintage-style bejewelled slides - or a corsage - for a feminine statement hairpiece.

Search for shoes fit for a princess - gorgeous chiffon designs will be beautifully complemented by a hint of sparkle.

Less is more so, the more bold the blackcurrent, the more neutral the accessories should be - when it comes flowers, however, matching bouquets can look wonderful.

Team blues with white and silver for a classic and elegant look.

There aren't many blue flowers, so try a white bouquet with coordinating ribbon.

Finally, remember that modern bridesmaid style holds a lot of freedom - there are no set rules, except one; Never upstage the bride.

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