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Wedding Insurance

How do I register my wedding details?

You can register your list in store or online by clicking the link below. After registering online we will email you with a unique password and, as a special thank you for registering we'll give you a £50 giftcard* when your list is complete. You can also register by calling 08445 61 61 61 at a time that suits you.
> Register online

I have registered my details online, why haven't I received my password?

Some email providers, such as Hotmail, and Yahoo, use a junk mail filter. Please make sure that you check all your folders in your email account to see if your password has been directed there. Alternatively, contact our Customer Services on 08445 61 61 61 for help.

What is my login?

Your login will be the email address you have registered.

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

Simply click on 'Forgotten Your Password' at login and we'll email you with a new password. It's important to keep your password in a safe place and known to only you and your partner; this way only the two of you will be able to access your list and make changes.

How do I change my wedding registration details?

If you wish to change any of your wedding registration details, e.g. the date of your wedding, or your address, please contact your assigned Debenhams store.

What types of gift list options are available to me?

Before creating your list think about which gift is right for you. At Debenhams we have made it as easy as possible to create your ideal gift list, with a number of gift list options for you to choose from. You even have the flexibility to combine the best bits of all these options so you can get exactly what you want.

*A minimun of £250 must be spent on products or giftcards to be eligible for this free gift. Ask a member of staff for more details.
> Gift list options

When should we compile our list?

We recommend you compile your list three months prior to your wedding, but no less than six weeks.

How do we compile our list?

There are two ways in which you can compile your gift list:
1) Make an appointment in store with one of our wedding experts
2) Compile your list at

> Create a gift list

How do I inform my guests that my gift list has been set up?

Once you have registered with us and created your gift list we will provide you with guest cards informing them of your list number. Simply insert these with your wedding invitations.

I have seen coded letters on my list when I click on ?View my Purchases?. What do they all mean?

The different codes you see are to let you know about the status of that particular item. Below is a table illustrating what each code means:

Can prices of items change from when we first set it up?

Prices are subject to change between the time you compile your list and when the gifts are purchased. The prices on your copy of the list are a guide only; guests will be charged the current price on the day they make their purchase.

Can we manage our list online?

Yes, you can manage your list at once you have fully registered your wedding details with us. Once set up you?ll be given a password. Log in to add more items, bookmark favourites and see what gifts have been purchased and by whom.

What if we need to add more items later on?

Quantities of items already on your list can be decreased or increased online ? simply follow the instructions when you log in. You can add additional gifts online or contact your wedding expert for further help if you compiled your gift list in store.

How many items should we add?

As a guide, you should aim to list two to three items for every guest attending your wedding. It?s better to have too many gifts than not enough. Remember to include a wide selection of prices, and don?t be put off having more expensive items on there ? friends and family may want to club together.

Can we add larger appliances to our list?

Yes, we have a wide selection of electricals and large appliances including TVs, cookers, dishwashers and fridges as well as some online exclusives that can be added to your gift list.

How do our guests buy items?

By visting a store, shopping online or calling 08445 616 161. Your guests may request that their gifts are delivered to you for FREE. Guests may take gifts themselves to give you personally.
> Buy from a list

Can we buy items on our list?

Yes, Debenhams gives you the opportunity to buy any outstanding items from your list after your wedding, and our special 'Buy the Balance? offer means you?ll get 10% off most purchases. *Selected concessions will not be participating.
> Manage your list

How will we receive our gifts?

You have the option for delivery before or after your wedding. We take great care to ensure your wedding gifts are packed securely and all deliveries are FREE of charge.

Why will some items not arrive until after the wedding?

If gifts are ordered within two weeks of your wedding date they might not be available immediately and may have to be placed on order. It can take up to 12 weeks for items to arrive in store so we will make a delivery to you after your wedding when all purchases have been fulfilled.

What do we need to know about delivery & returns?

If after your wedding there is an item you wish to return, please contact your store to arrange an exchange or to have the money credited to your giftcard. All your items will be delivered to your nominated address FREE of charge.