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Why Clinique

Why Clinique? Or as we see it, Clinique vs. everyone else

Founded on the philosophy that Great Skin Can Be Created, Clinique pioneered the dermatologist-developed cosmetics brand. Each beautifully crafted Clinique skin care and makeup product is Allergy Tested and 100% Fragrance Free crucial in a world where allergies have been labeled the modern epidemic.

We believe that every skin - your skin - can be great skin. That's why from skin care to colour, our simple routines are rooted in our dermatological heritage.

Can great skin be created?

Yes. In fact, Clinique's guiding dermatologists know that a remarkably simple routine can help make any skin great skin: cleanse with Facial Soap, exfoliate with Clarifying Lotion, Gel. Skin-typed formulas and flexible regimens make Clinique care universal. And individual.

Follow the routine and great things can happen. Dry skins can become dewy, smooth and comfortable. Oily skins can avert breakout. In time, you can evict fine lines, refine pores, see a more even tone. And enjoy skin with new transparency, clarity, life. All from just 3 products, 3 minutes, twice a day.

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Allergy tested - is that not the same as hypoallergenic?

The word hypoallergenic appears on many beauty products. No one agrees on what it really means, And some think it describes products that avoid recognized allergens. Which is, to us, just a very nice start.

Clinique goes 7200 steps further to insure your comfort. We, too, formulate without known allergens. Then we allergy test every product 12 times on 600 people. If even one of those 7200 applications incites an allergic reaction, we will reformulate. Anything intended to touch your eye is ophthalmologist tested as well.

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Ask a dermatologist. We did.

We think it's best to go right to the source: Dermatologists. That's why Clinique partnered with practicing physicians-clinicians - to pioneer the first-ever line of dermatologist-developed skin care. A simple, basic system, based on their day-to-day experience with their own private patients.

The result: A whole new category of products developed and tested in the clinical setting, targeted to a range of skin types and available without a prescription. Just as revolutionary: These products were allergy tested and fragrance-free to
standards beyond all industry norms. There was nothing like There's still nothing like it today. We've never stopped learning what's best for skin.

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Do this, and look younger longer.

Brace yourself: Scientists believe 80% of all skin damage before age 60 is sun related. The walk around the neighborhood, the trip to the store, all that exposure adds up in the form of spots, fine lines, and other visible signs of premature aging.

Our not-so-subtle point: Use sun protection every day.

Better yet use ours - it's fragrance free. Clinique's guiding dermatologists believe fragrance plus sun can equal skin irritation. For daily use, our City Block formulas offer sheer, lightweight, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. And when
more substantial sun-time is on the schedule, opt for high-SPF Clinique Sun-Care formulas for face and body.

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Your ticket out of dullsville.

In a word: Exfoliation. Before Clinique, this term was rarely heard outside a dermatologistis office; today, it's the heart of Clinique skin care and, we believe, the difference-maker for all skins.

Every day, skin forms a layer of dead surface cells, making it look flaky, rough, dull. While your skin naturally sheds these
dead cells in tiny flakes, it does it slowly, unevenly. Removing this layer - or exfoliating - reveals the fresher, smoother, brighter skin underneath.

Our guiding dermatologist recommends gentle twice-daily exfoliation to keep up with the build-up of flakes.

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Foundation that improves your skin. Really.

Everything we know about skin care goes into our foundations. And Clinique knows a lot about skin.

That's why we offer the most comprehensive array of foundations for every individual skin type, tone and concern. With liquid, powder and cream-to-powder formulas in hundreds of shades, Clinique delivers foundations designed to meet and satisfy the numerous needs, and particular preferences of women around the world.

Perfection with a purpose.

From peptides that diminish the look of fine lines, to moisture wicking and botanicals that control oil, each and every formula is designed to cater to a specific Skin Type and concern. Clinique promises a flawless finish from dewy to natural
to matte, sheer and weightless to opaque.

Skin-typed for perfect compatibility - with performance guaranteed. And in an ever-expanding colour range that includes your perfect match.

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Can makeup be good for your skin?

Once you wear fragrance-free lipstick, anything else is unpalatable. It is more than a matter of taste. We refuse to load our lipsticks with ingredients that do nothing more than cloak another ingredient's natural scent. With luscious colours and finishes, plus do-gooders like moisturizers, there is no need to mask our fastidious formulas. It's why lips are delighted, in every sense, to wear a smile.

Allergy-tested, fragrance-free makeup. It is a beautiful thing.

You'll surely find comfort in knowing that every Clinique eye shadow and mascara is ophthalmologist-tested. And that our luscious lip colours are loaded with do-gooders like moisturizers but not a lick of fragrance.

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Are your eyes crying for attention?

Maybe it's not the movie, the smog, time of month or the onion dip. Maybe your mascara moves you to tears.

Why not try Clinique mascara?

Whatever va-voom effect you seek...lashes that look longer, lusher, curlier, glossier...our ophthalmologist-tested formulas
have passed stringent safeguards, including weeks of monitoring to assure there's not the slightest sign of bacteria. That's why every Clinique mascara is appropriate for senstive eyes, contact lens wearers - and delicate, allergy-prone eye-area skin. Not to discover Clinique mascara would be a crying shame.

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