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Kids will feel special on every occasion with our range of children's clothing from top designers. Discover unique designer baby clothes and irresistible dresses in gorgeous fabrics, plus super-smart coats and jackets for boys and girls.

Was SGD$47.50 - SGD$62.70
Now  SGD$33.25 - SGD$43.89

Was SGD$19.00
Then SGD$13.30
Now  SGD$9.50

Was SGD$81.70 - SGD$93.10
Now  SGD$65.36 - SGD$93.10

Was SGD$41.80
Now  SGD$29.26

SGD$148.20 - SGD$159.60

SGD$38.00 - SGD$49.40

Was SGD$104.50 - SGD$112.10
Then SGD$52.25 - SGD$56.05
Now  SGD$31.35 - SGD$33.63

Was SGD$38.00
Now  SGD$26.60

SGD$152.00 - SGD$159.60

Was SGD$60.80
Then SGD$30.40
Now  SGD$18.24

SGD$45.60 - SGD$53.20

Was SGD$53.20 - SGD$64.60
Now  SGD$42.56 - SGD$51.68

SGD$34.20 - SGD$41.80

SGD$146.30 - SGD$153.90

SGD$152.00 - SGD$159.60

Was SGD$22.80 - SGD$24.70
Now  SGD$15.96 - SGD$17.29

SGD$38.00 - SGD$49.40

Was SGD$79.80
Then SGD$47.88
Now  SGD$31.92

SGD$72.20 - SGD$87.40

SGD$49.40 - SGD$57.00

SGD$47.50 - SGD$62.70

Was SGD$28.50 - SGD$41.80
Now  SGD$14.25 - SGD$20.90

Was SGD$20.90 - SGD$24.70
Now  SGD$14.63 - SGD$17.29

Was SGD$34.20 - SGD$38.00
Now  SGD$27.36 - SGD$30.40

Was SGD$85.50 - SGD$93.10
Now  SGD$59.85 - SGD$65.17

Was SGD$76.00
Then SGD$53.20
Now  SGD$38.00

SGD$81.70 - SGD$93.10

SGD$34.20 - SGD$43.70

Was SGD$22.80 - SGD$28.50
Then SGD$19.95 - SGD$28.50
Now  SGD$15.96 - SGD$28.50

Was SGD$60.80 - SGD$64.60
Now  SGD$42.56 - SGD$45.22

SGD$53.20 - SGD$60.80

SGD$72.20 - SGD$87.40

Was SGD$24.70 - SGD$28.50
Now  SGD$17.29 - SGD$19.95

Was SGD$41.80 - SGD$45.60
Now  SGD$36.48 - SGD$45.60

SGD$34.20 - SGD$36.10

Was SGD$85.50
Then SGD$59.85
Now  SGD$42.75

SGD$38.00 - SGD$53.20

Was SGD$53.20 - SGD$60.80
Now  SGD$42.56 - SGD$48.64

SGD$60.80 - SGD$68.40

SGD$81.70 - SGD$93.10

Was SGD$41.80 - SGD$47.50
Then SGD$29.26 - SGD$33.25
Now  SGD$20.90 - SGD$23.75

Was SGD$30.40 - SGD$32.30
Now  SGD$21.28 - SGD$22.61

Was SGD$30.40 - SGD$32.30
Now  SGD$21.28 - SGD$22.61

SGD$28.50 - SGD$30.40

SGD$19.00 - SGD$20.90

SGD$72.20 - SGD$87.40

Was SGD$28.50 - SGD$36.10
Then SGD$19.95 - SGD$25.27
Now  SGD$14.25 - SGD$18.05

Was SGD$24.70
Now  SGD$17.29

Was SGD$19.00
Then SGD$13.30
Now  SGD$9.50

SGD$41.80 - SGD$51.30

SGD$30.40 - SGD$32.30

Was SGD$49.40
Now  SGD$34.58