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Customer ratings and reviews

What information do I have to provide when submitting a rating and review?

When you submit a rating and review on the Debenhams Website and/or Facebook we request you provide the following information:

  • Your nickname
  • Your location (optional)
  • Email address (optional - if you do submit your email address we do not publish it, but request it to inform you whether your review has been published or rejected)
  • Beauty Club card number (optional)
What information will be published?

We publish the following details on the Debenhams Website and on Facebook:

  • Your nickname
  • Your location if provided
  • Your product rating and review

In addition, on the Facebook application you may have the opportunity to post various questions, reviews or other content.

Please note that you can change certain settings on Facebook related to the application through your account and privacy settings on Facebook.

As the content of this Privacy Policy may change from time to time we suggest that you periodically consult this Privacy Policy. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be effective immediately.