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The invite has been received, the RSVP sent and the hotel room booked, now what to wear to the wedding? The traditional wedding of a bride in white, men in their best suits and the ladies in their finest day dresses, has evolved. For every wedding invite you receive this year, chances are the style and look of each occasion will be slightly different.

For female guests the style of wedding can raise many clear questions about what to wear. For men, while basics always remain the same, there are some key looks you can choose from and some subtle choices you can make when it comes to choosing an outfit.

We've put together the three options a man can consider when choosing an outfit for a wedding. We've covered everything from sharp suits, more casual and understated styles and perfect-for-summer linen suits.

Perfect for summer and eternally stylish, the linen suit should always be considered for men looking for a suit for a wedding. Light and very comfortable, a linen suit works best in lighter colours and works well with lighter coloured shirts and tan or brown loafers.

The linen suit is a great look when it's done correctly. A lighter and more comfortable option the linen suit is a great balance between smart and casual and can bring a more relaxed feel to a formal occasion. Perfect for summer weddings.

You have a lot more freedom when it comes to choosing a shirt when you opt to wear a linen suit to a wedding. Lighter colours work very well but a floral pattern adds a stylish, extra dimension to the look.

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The right pair of shoes is very important to make the linen suit look work. Avoid shoes that are too smart and go for something a bit more casual for the best effect. Loafers and slip -ons work very well with this look and tassels are a big trend at the moment.

Sunglasses are a necessary accessory for summer weddings but should be considered essential when wearing a linen suit. The choice is very much down to individual style and face shape but brown lenses always work well, particularly if you're wearing brown shoes.

The classic wedding-guest-look with added contemporary style, the smart look is the most popular choice for men attending a wedding. Navy, light grey and dark grey are the most popular colours but you can add an extra touch of style by choosing the right shoes, tie and other accessories.

Choosing a suit for a wedding is an important decision. The first thing to consider is fit and with high quality suits now available in slim, regular and big and tall fits, there is no excuse for wearing a suit that doesn't fit. The second thing to decide on is colour. Navy, dark and light grey and brown are the most popular choices but black is also an option, though some find it too severe.

Finding the perfect shirt for your suit is crucial to your look. For dark suits always choose a lighter shirt and tie combination. If you want your shirt to complement your suit take a closer look at the suit and match the shirt to any coloured stitching or detail.

The perfect suit can be ruined by the wrong pair of shoes. Black leather shoes are advisable for a smart look but a stylish pair of polished chukka or Chelsea boots will also complete the look to perfection.

Cufflinks are an essential accessory if you are wearing a dress shirt but can also smarten up a shirt with normal cuffs. Silver cufflinks are the classic choice but there are many designs of cufflinks that can add a touch of personality to your outfit.

The necktie has long been associated with looking smart. Pastel coloured ties work great with the smart look and work particularly well with darker suits.

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A more casual look is becoming an increasingly popular and acceptable choice for male guests at a wedding. Pair a smart blazer with some stylish chinos, a nice shirt and some cool brogues for a look that says you have made an effort, in a cool, classically casual, way. A tie is optional.

The blazer is a real key piece for this look and the choice is wide. Smart blazers with a tailored contemporary cut look great with chinos and smart jeans but tweed jackets also work well for this look.

Lighter materials like cotton and linen should be considered when you're choosing a shirt for the casual wedding guest look. Anything that's not too rigid will complement your smart jeans or chinos very well.

The right shoes are crucial to pulling off the casual wedding guest look. Your shoes should be smart but not too smart. Brogues, both in brown and black, and in shoe or boot, both work very well for this look. Never wear trainers.

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A tie can smarten up a casual look and is a nice balanced outfit. Striped designs are particularly effective for this style.

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