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BRA FIT buying guide

How to tell if your bra fits properly

The correct fitting bra can make you look slimmer, improve posture and even help clothes fit better. So are you wearing the correct size? On average, research suggests that most women are not. Follow our five-step checklist to be sure you have the perfect fit.

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Bra Fit Problems & Solutions

If your bra doesn't fit, or just doesn't feel quite right, then we suggest watching the step-by-step guide to a perfect fit with advice from Debenhams' Head of Lingerie, Sharon Webb.

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...or you can follow our easy guide to common problems and solutions below.


  • Centre of the bra should sit flat against the chest.
  • Wires should fully encompass your bust and sit around the breast - not on it. If the wire is standing away from the body, it is not supporting the breast properly.
  • Your bust should be fully contained within the cups - be certain nothing is digging into your breast tissue and that the bra isn't 'baggy' or you won't have support.


  • The underband of the bra should sit straight around the body feeling firm, yet comfortable, with enough space to fit two fingers underneath. The hook and eye should be fastened on the middle clasp. If the back rises up and feels loose around the body, this is a sign that your bra is giving you no support.
  • Straps should be as comfortable as they are supportive. Over tightening of the straps can cause them to dig into the shoulders, which can be uncomfortable. If you drop the straps off your shoulder the bra should still provide support and manage to stay in place.


Problem: Wires are lifting away from the body and the bra cups are rising upwards, exposing the bottom of the breast tissue, or wires are digging in at the underarm.

Solution: The cups are too small. Try going up a cup size and down a back size.


Problem: The underband is riding up your back and you can pull it away from your body with ease.

Solution: This means the underband is too big, therefore the straps will be doing all the work. Go down a back size. You may also need to go up a cup size.


Problem: The top of the cups are baggy and the bust isn't filling out the bra.

Solution: This means the cups are too big. Try going down a cup size.

Problem: Cups are digging into the breast, creating a "double bust" effect.

Solution: This means the cups are too small, go up a cup size.


Problem: Straps feel tight and are digging into shoulders.

Solution: Loosen your bra straps.

Problem: Straps are slipping off your shoulders.

Solution: Tighten your bra straps.

Alternatively, you can pop into store to speak to one of our specialist bra fit advisors who can help with our FREE bra fit service. We recommend being fitted twice a year.