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Aramis launched in 1964 with the first full line of grooming products, made exclusively for men. Today, the pioneering brand continues to be 'all a man is' by offering timeless, refined and sophisticated grooming essentials. The collection now includes Aramis aftershaves, perfumes and gift sets. The Original Aramis Classic aftershave opens with bright citrus and bergamot oils, while the heart notes lead on to warm sage, cardamom and sandalwood. Finally, a masculine blend of leather and oak moss ensure the Aramis scent is a true classic. Aramis Voyager is a newer interpretation of the classic cologne, arousing the senses with vibrant notes of ginger, exotic woods and aromatic spices. Designed especially for the powerfully energetic and unequivocally masculine Aramis man, the Aramis collection is truly 'all a man is'.