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Bed linen

Bed linen Buying guide

Our buying guide will help you understand the different features and benefits of our wide range of bed linen. From easy-care polycotton to luxurious Supima, we explain all that's needed to create your ideal set of sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases.

Popular fabrics

Popular fabrics


Polycotton is a blend of soft cotton and durable polyester. A 50% cotton and 50% polyester material mix has easy-care qualities and requires minimal ironing. It dries quickly and reduces the need to tumble dry, saving you energy. Cotton rich ranges provide a higher ratio of cotton blended with polyester that results in a softer and smoother fabric.

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Cotton is the most used and favoured fabric for bed linen. It's breathable, soft and comfortable to sleep on.

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egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton

One of the best known and most sought after cottons in the world, Egyptian cotton is renowned for luxurious softness and durability; made possible by the long, fine nature of the cotton fibres. It's an incredibly smooth material with a soft handle, and will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

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supima cotton

Supima cotton

Grown primarily in the USA, Supima is one of the finest cottons available. It's strong and extra-long fibres create a soft and smooth finish that offers a deep sense of comfort next to your skin. It is also durable and easy to care for.

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bed linen

Brushed cotton flannelette

This cotton is brushed to increase warmth and makes the fabric extremely soft and cosy. It's an ideal choice for winter.

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Natural fibres mean that linen is exceptionally soft. It has excellent breathability that makes it perfect for summer nights. Linen is also extremely durable and long lasting, even more so than cotton.

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Thread count

Thread count

This refers to the number of threads in a square inch of material. The count includes both the horizontal 'weft' threads and vertical 'warp' threads of the woven fabric. In general, the higher the thread count, the finer and smoother the material will be.

However, the feel and quality of bed linen is not focused only around its thread count. The fineness of the thread is also vital, as is the quality of the fabric.



Plain weave

This is the simplest weave structure. The weft (horizontal thread) and warp (vertical thread) are interlaced over and under each other in an alternating pattern.

Percale weave

Similar to the plain weave, except the percale is woven tighter. It's lightweight with a smooth finish, crisp feel and a matte look.

Sateen weave

A weaving process that places extra threads on the fabric's surface. This creates a silky smooth feel and a lustrous satin-like finish. When cotton is weaved this way, it feels luxurious and still keeps its strength.


This requires a special loom that creates a multi-dimensional pattern. It raises the horizontal weft thread independently that results in an eye-catching and very tactile pattern.


This method holds one horizontal weft of the fabric under normal tension, while at the same time, the other is held much tighter. It creates a highly decorative fabric with a puckered or crinkled effect.


This weave leaves a honeycomb effect of recessed squares into the fabric and makes an eye-catching decorative pattern.

Types of sheets

Types of sheets

Flat and fitted sheet sizes

Flat and fitted sheet sizes

These measurements are based on UK bed sizes. Non-UK mattress sizes may be slightly different from their UK equivalents.

These measurements are approximate, so please check individual products for specific sizing.

• Single to fit bed 90 x 190cm

• Double to fit bed 135 x 190cm

• King size to fit bed 150 x 200cm

• Super king size to fit bed 180 x 200cm

• Emperor to fit bed 200cm x 200cm

• Standard fitted sheets: single/ double 28cm depth, king/ super king 30cm depth

• Deep fitted sheets: single/double 32cm depth, king/ super king 34cm depth

Duvet cover sizes

Duvet cover sizes

All sizes are approximate, so please refer to specific product for sizes.

• Single duvet cover to fit 135cm x 200cm

• Double duvet cover to fit 200cm x 200cm

• King size duvet cover to fit 230cm x 220cm

• Super king size duvet cover to fit 260cm x 220cm

• Emperor size duvet cover to fit 290 x 235cm

Types of pillowcases

Types of pillowcases

All sizes are approximate, so please refer to specific product for sizes.

pillow cases


50cm x 75cm



65cm x 65cm

oxford pillowcase


50cm x 75cm excluding
Oxford border

bed linens

Square oxford

65cm x 65cm excluding
Oxford border