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Bra Fit: Buying Guide

Bra Fit & Style Buying Guide

Finding the perfect bra is essential in helping you feel comfortable and well supported. The correct bra size and style can improve posture, make you look slimmer and even help your clothes fit better. What's more, with research showing that on average 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, at Debenhams we want to make getting it right simple and easy. We offer a wide and varied range so have created this guide to talk you through the essentials of bra fitting and help you choose the best style for your needs.

how to measure bra size

How to fit a bra

Our helpful video will show you how to check if your bra fits you properly.

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5 signs that your bra doesn't fit
5 signs that your bra doesn't fit

To help provide the most comfortable and supportive fit for any bra style, ensure that the straps sit securely in the middle of your shoulders without slipping or digging in. Another helpful tip is to always fasten a new bra on the loosest setting; this way, as the fabric loosens with wear, you can easily tighten the bra.

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  • 1. CENTRE

    The centre of the bra should sit flat against your breastbone.


    The underband is the part of the bra which provides you with most support. It should sit flat against your body without digging in and be completely horizontal across your back. If it is riding up, can be pulled away from your body with ease or exposes the breast tissue underneath, decrease the back size.


    The underwiring should sit flat against your ribcage, secure but comfortable. If the wires are digging into your breasts at the underarm you will need to increase the back size.

  • 4. CUPS

    The bra cups should fully enclose your breasts, creating a smooth line along the edge of the bra (and a clean silhouette under clothes).

  • 5. BUST

    Your breasts should comfortably fill the cups so if they are spilling over the top or under the arms increase the cup size. Decrease it if the cups are wrinkling or roomy at the top.

Our bra styles explained ...
Our bra styles explained ...
Plunge bra

Plunge bra

Plunge bras tend to feature wide-set straps and are cut lower at the centre front so offer less coverage than other bra styles. They are also available with enhanced padding for a greater cleavage.

Perfect for...
Wearing with low cut tops and dresses.

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Push up bra

Push-up bra

Our push-up bras feature various levels of padding to enhance the bust - from discreet and natural to the more dramatic lift offered by our Mega Boost range which is designed to increase your bust by up to two cup sizes

Perfect for...
Giving your bust a boost.

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Balcony bra

Balcony bra

Balcony bras feature wide-set straps and are cut higher at the centre front while the top of the cups sit straight across the bust. They can be padded or non-padded and offer great support without too much coverage.

Perfect for...
All bust shapes and sizes.

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T shirt bra

T-shirt bra

Perfect for everyday wear, t-shirt bras offer ultimate comfort and support. Designs also tend to be seam-free and lightly padded to help ensure a smooth shape underneath clothing.

Perfect for...
Achieving a smooth silhouette underneath close-fitting clothing.

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Strapless bra

Strapless bra

A lingerie must-have, these bras either come strapless or with detachable straps which allows them to be worn in a variety of different ways to suit your clothing needs, including cross-over and halter-neck. Most of our strapless bras feature moulded cups for a smooth outline.

Perfect for...
Versatile dressing - from halter-necks and racer backs to strapless tops and dresses .

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Sports bra

Sports bra

Sports bras are an essential investment if you like to work out. They minimise movement by either holding the bust against the ribcage or using inner seams and slings to separate and support each breast. Specialist moisture wicking or breathable fabrics also help to ensure further comfort.

Perfect for...
Offering essential comfort and support for any physical activity.

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Free bra fitting at Debenhams
Free bra fitting at Debenhams
bra fitting

We offer a free and discreet bra fitting service in all of our stores. Depending on where your local store is, you can either book an appointment online or over the phone; however if you prefer to keep things flexible you are also free to pop into any store without a pre-booked appointment.

Our friendly and expert bra fitting teams are fully trained to not only help you find a bra which fits perfectly, but also offer advice on different styles to suit your shape and needs.

During the fitting you will be asked to remove your top but keep your bra on. Our fitter will firstly take an under-bust measurement to establish your back size, then use our 5 signs system to asses the correct bra size. You will be offered a variety of styles to suit your needs, ensuring that you leave with the best fit for you.

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