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Cookers Buying Guide - Debenhams

Choosing a cooker
Types of cookers
Oven types
Oven capacity and cavities
Energy Efficiency
Useful tips

Choosing a cooker
A cooker is one of the most important kitchen appliances you will invest in so it's important to find the right one for you and your kitchen. There are many factors to consider before you purchase. That's why we've put together a useful cooker guide to take you through the different ranges available so that you can buy a cooker with confidence and cook with flair.

Types of cookers
Before you buy a cooker think about the style and shape you need to suit your kitchen. Does it have to slot into a certain place? Do you want it free standing so you can move it if necessary? Should it be built-in? Whichever one you choose it's important to know the points of difference so you can choose the one that's right for you.

Slot-in cookers
This style of cooker is a great space saving solution and if you don't want to be constrained by built-in units then slot-in cookers are a great option. They can be easily adjusted and come complete with grill and hob.

Free-Standing cookers
Also known as Free Range cookers the main focus of this type of cooker is the oven style and size. With some Free Range cookers you can have as many as 2 -3 ovens built in one appliance. A grill can also be included and a hob with a four zone hotplate. This is an ideal style if you like to entertain.

Oven types
Think about how you cook and what method best suits you. Is it an all gas cooker you prefer, an all electric one or a dual fuel (a combination of the both- gas hob and electric oven)? To help you, we've put together definitions of the various fuel types that you will come across when choosing the right cooker.

Gas ovens
Gas cooking offers you instant control of the hob while zoned oven temperatures allow you to meet the individual demands of several dishes at the same time. These cookers are freestanding and slot in between your existing kitchen units. All gas appliances need connecting by a Corgi Registered Fitter.

Electric ovens
Electric cooking gives you the convenience of a conventional or fan-oven which have quicker cooking times and very even temperatures. There's also a choice of great looking halogen, ceramic and solid plate hobs. These cookers are freestanding and fit in between your kitchen units. They are easy to care for and can be tailored to fit your design requirements and lifestyle needs.

Dual Fuel
Dual fuel cooking allows you the instant heat and flexibility of a gas hob, together with all the advantages of an electric fan oven. It provides constant temperature throughout and faster cooking times - giving you the best of both worlds.

Oven capacity and cavities
The size of the oven is important, as are the number of ovens. Separate grilling is becoming increasingly popular, so for many people a grill compartment is required. With the larger range cookers you can have as many as 2 or 3 ovens in one appliance but be sure to check they provide the functions you require for each oven and are the size you require.

Energy Efficiency and Performance Ratings
An energy symbol gives you a guide on the energy efficiency and performance of your appliances. Energy Efficiency is rated using A through to G where A is rated as the most efficient and G being the least efficient. To find out more details simply click onto the most energy efficient website.

Useful tips
  • For greater accuracy and consistent heat temperatures throughout the cooking process opt for an oven with easy to use electronic controls.
  • Timers, are a great way to time your cooking to perfection so find out if one features on the style of cooker you choose.
  • Self-cleaning ovens are hardwearing and resistant from damage to the oven surface, dripped on grease and left over food particles, making it easier to clean.

Built-In Ovens
Single or double ovens specifically built to fit under the worktop.

Dual Fuel Cookers
Cookers that feature a mixture of gas hobs and an electric oven .

Electric Cookers
Slot in electric cookers with solid plates fuelled by electricity only.

Gas Cookers
Freestanding cookers fuelled by gas only.

Range Cookers
Large free standing cookers that can have up to 2-3 ovens, a grill and 4 zone hotplates.

Slot-in Cookers
Slot in electric cookers with ceramic hobs. Easy to fit into any space and easily adjustable.