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Whether you're looking for cabin luggage for a short trip or suitcases for a family holiday, we have a large variety of luggage options for your trip. Discover the benefits of different fabrics, sizes and wheels and find the best luggage for your needs with our buying guide.

Hard or soft case?
Hard or soft case?

A suitcase has either a hard shell or a soft shell. The durable hard shell cases offer extra protection for your items, while a soft case is more flexible and lighter in weight. Some soft shell cases are also expandable and are designed with additional features, such as front pockets, to accommodate your travels.


Hard shell suitcases are usually made from ABS, polypropylene or polycarbonate. These are all strong durable plastics, but offer different finishes and looks.

ABS is made from plastic and a rubber substitute. It is tough and hardwearing so will offer extra protection for the things in your suitcase.

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hand luggage size
cabin luggage size


Soft shell suitcases are usually made from either woven polyester, a hard wearing man-made fabric or nylon which tends to be lighter.

Soft shell suitcases are more flexible and some are designed with the benefit of being expandable which increases capacity.

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Wheels: 2 Wheels VS 4 Wheels
Wheels: 2 Wheels VS 4 Wheels

2 Wheel

A 2 wheeled suitcase has to be pulled behind you and is easier to use if wheeling on rougher or uneven surfaces. 2 wheeled cases are usually lighter and offer more internal capacity than a 4 wheeled case.

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4 Wheel

A 4 wheeled suitcase is designed to be rolled along on all 4 wheels, giving a feeling of being lighter to pull, which is ideal for use on smoother and flatter surfaces, such as airports and train stations. They can also be pulled along on 2 wheels on rougher services.

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Suitcase sizes
Suitcase sizes

3 sizes

There are three sizes of suitcase: large, medium and cabin. A large case is often suited for a 2 week or longer trip or for a family wishing to pack more, whilst a medium case is better suited for a week away. We always recommend you check with your airline for their size and weight restrictions for your journey. Please note these vary by airline.

suitcase sizes

Cabin luggage

Cabin or hand luggage can be carried on board with you on most airlines. Taking cabin luggage means you are able to avoid checked baggage fees and are ideal for short breaks.

Leading airlines including British Airways and Easyjet allow cabin luggage which is sized 56cm x 45cm x 25cm and we offer a range of cabin cases which are designed to fit these dimensions.

Airlines such as Ryanair, Thomas Cook Airlines and Tui, permit a smaller allowance of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, and we offer a number of cabin luggage options to fit this size.

We always recommend you check the cabin allowance of the airline you are travelling with prior to making your purchase.

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Suitcase capacity
Suitcase capacity

Capacity measurements

Capacity measurements are based on the main compartment inside the suitcase and are measured in litres. Capacity information is another guide for comparing the size of different suitcases.

As a guide, cabin cases have an average capacity of 20 litres, whilst large cases have an average capacity of 100 litres.

Lightweight products
Lightweight products

All Tripp products are engineered using lightweight materials and construction techniques. All of their large hard shell cases weigh less than 5kg, and their large soft shell cases weigh less than 4.5kg. Product weights are always included in the luggage product description. We always recommend you check with your airline for their size and weight restrictions for your journey. Please note these do vary by airline.:

Tripp's lightest large hard shell suitcase is: Holiday 6 at 3.9Kg
Tripp's lightest large soft shell suitcase is: Style Lite at 3.4Kg

5 Year Guarantee
5 Year Guarantee

In the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect occurring please return your luggage to the nearest Tripp department where we will be happy to replace it with an equivalent product free of charge. This does not include normal wear and tear. Please note that damage caused by airline mishandling is not covered by Tripp. In this instance we advise you to contact the airline responsible as soon as possible (ideally before leaving the airport where the damage took place)