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Towel Buying Guide

Towels Buying Guide

Whether you're getting ready in a rush or pampering yourself at home, comfortable towels with good water absorbency are bathroom essentials. Our buying guide will break down fabric terminology, advise you on towel care and explain size ranges to help you build a long lasting, quality collection.

Tech terms of towels

Tech terms of towels


This stands for grams per square metre and indicates the towel's thickness and weight. High GSM towels (500-700) are thicker and heavier than lower GSM towels (300-400) and generally perform better.


The cotton fibres are not twisted which means the yarn has a larger surface area. This enhances its absorbency, and gives it an extra soft and fluffy feel against the skin.


The combing process straightens the cotton fibres and removes any that are undersized. This creates a smoother, stronger, denser yarn.


Renowned for softness and quality, Egyptian cotton makes excellent towels. Its long staple yarn fibres give the towels a soft touch with a beautiful sheen.


Premium quality cotton grown in Turkey's Aegean region. Its fibres are naturally narrow in diameter with a long staple. This ensures its extremely absorbent, ultra soft and shines luxuriously.


Supima cotton is primarily grown in the USA. Its strong and extra long staple fibres create towels with a highly soft and smooth finish.


This specialised hollow yarn is designed to get softer, fluffier and become more absorbent with each use.

Towel sizes

Towel sizes

Approximate sizes below, but as this varies by brand the sizes are listed in the detailed descriptions of each product page.

Face cloth 30cm x 30cm

Guest towel 40cm x 65cm

Hand towel 50cm x 90cm

Bath towel 70cm x 130cm

Bath sheet 100 x 150cm

Beach towels 90 x 160cm

Our towel ranges

Our Towel Ranges

Choose from the array of colours in our plain-dye towel collections to co-ordinate perfectly with your bathroom décor or give it a quick colour refresh with a new shade.

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Home Collection Basics zero twist towels

Our Home Collection Basics zero twist towels are super soft, absorbent and excellent value. This range is available as loose towels and a 6 piece towel bale.

Towels Towel bales
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Home Collection Egyptian cotton towels

Our range of combed Egyptian cotton towels gives you superior absorbency, luxury softness and are long lasting. All cotton comes from certified ethical sources in Egypt.

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RJR. John Rocha hygro towels

Our RJR. John Rocha towels are made from luxury 'Hydratex' cotton. This fabric is designed to get softer, fluffier and increase in absorbency each time you use it.

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J by Jasper Conran Hotel Turkish cotton towels

Made from 100% Turkish cotton, these heavyweight 700gsm towels are silky smooth, resilient and quick drying. They let you bring luxury hotel quality into your home.

Towel care

Towel care
  • Cotton is a natural fibre and in order to retain its appearance, performance, softness and lustre it is important to follow the instructions on the care label.

  • Use a colour sensitive detergent.

  • Avoid excessive use of fabric conditioners as this can leave a coating on towels which can affect overall absorbency.

  • Washing your towels before the first use ensures optimum absorbency.