First trimester (Weeks 1 - 12)

At this primary stage, your breasts may become tender and fuller. Your body will continue to develop, so an underband may prove restrictive. We recommend that you opt for a non-wired bra to ensure comfort.

Hints & Tips

Choose a back size one up from your current size and begin wearing the bra on its tightest hook, allowing room for future adjustments as your body develops.

Second trimester (Weeks 12-28)

As your baby continues to grow during the second trimester, so will your body, meaning that your back and cup measurements will increase, too. The bra you wore during your first trimester may begin to feel tight - at which point it is time for your second bra fitting appointment.

Hints & Tips

Maternity bras offer a handy supportive underband, so this would be beneficial to swap to these. Alternatively, you could use an extender from our bra accessories range.

Third trimester (Weeks 28-40)

We recommend that your third bra fitting takes place around week 30, but don't worry if your bra feels tight before then - pop into one of our stores for another appointment.
It's a good idea to get fitted for a nursing bra a couple of weeks before your due date. They're like maternity bras, but have additional features to help with breastfeeding.

Hints & Tips

Your underband will reduce as your body adjusts post-pregnancy, so ensure you are fitted for a nursing bra on the loosest hook.
To support the weight of the bust, our nursing bras have either a sling or a feeding hole, which also provides modesty.