Posted on 13-Jan-2020
By Georgia Drew

Comfort is confidence: Meet our inspirational women

And find out why they chose to get involved

We're back on our mission to empower women. Our five inspiring campaign stars are celebrating the power of comfy lingerie and body positivity.

Comfort is confidence

Combine our most comfortable lingerie with five incredible women and you've got a celebration of body confidence right there. Our line-up includes Lauren Mahon, breast cancer survivor, founder of Girl vs Cancer and all-round wonder woman. Joining her we have Jade Arif, lifestyle influencer and mother to five - yes, five. Taryn Knights, the beauty social assistant at Debenhams decided it was time to get out of her comfort zone. Laverne Johnson is our fearless competition winner who wanted to be the best role model for her daughters. Completing the group is Andrea Webber, expert lingerie fitter at Debenhams in Manchester, showing she is one tough grandma.

Tell us about your body confidence journey.

Laverne: "As I've got older, I've stopped caring what people think. If I think I look nice then that's all that matters. I actually feel more confident now than I did in my twenties."


Lauren, @iamlaurenmahon: "My journey began when I got cancer - you realise you don't have time to put energy into picking yourself apart in the mirror. It doesn't matter what your body looks like - it works! My body's no longer an aesthetic thing to me - it saved my life."


"When you're confident in your own skin you can conquer the world and go further than you thought you could." - Jade, lifestyle influencer "


What makes you feel confident?

Jade, @mother_ofall_adventures: "I always make a very conscious decision to be just a little bit overdressed. That helps me feel more confident when I'm walking up to the school or going into London."


Taryn: "Moving out of my comfort zone and being around positive people really helped me to accept myself and made me realise that what I look like isn't the most important thing."

What type of underwear boosts your confidence?

Lauren: "I don't often wear wired bras - I like to feel supported and really comfortable. I like to wear underwear that doesn't feel like I'm wearing underwear."


Taryn: "Some days I live in sports bras but when I want to feel a little bit more sexy, I'll pull something lacy and colourful out. There's definitely more variety for bigger busts now. I used to find it really difficult to find the right size that doesn't look like my Nan would wear it!"


Jade: "I like a sportier bra because I like to feel really secure and comfortable, especially with all the children, I like to be able to run about."


"Following diverse body shapes and sizes on Instagram has done wonders for my body confidence." - Lauren, founder of Girl vs Cancer "


What made you want to be a part of this campaign?

Andrea: "Being a fitness instructor, a lot of people don't realise I have body confidence issues too. I had children at a young age, so I had stretch marks and my body was out of shape. I haven't had the confidence to show off my body for a while but turning fifty-five and being a grandmother to three lovely boys, I felt like it was my time to shine."


Laverne: "Doing this shoot today was jumping in at the deep end! I have three daughters, so I wanted to give them the right impression that it's not all about your appearance. I'm a big believer in the body positivity movement. I don't want my girls to be worried about how they look."