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kid's occasionwear

From the prettiest girls’ party dresses to sharp boys’ formal suits, our kids' occasionwear collection will make your little ones shine smartly. For weddings, we have outfits for flower girls and pageboys and for proms, there’s a selection of elegant dresses. If your little one has arrived recently, we provide a range of Christening outfits.

girl dresses


Our children’s occasion wear features a leading selection of outfits for young ladies to look elegant at any event.

boys occasion wear


Dress your young man up smartly so he looks the part with our boys’ occasion wear collection.

kid's occasion shoes


Your little ones need a pair of party shoes to dazzle in. Find them the perfect-fitting footwear in our beautiful range of girls' and super-smart boys' occasion shoes.

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Was SEK504,00
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SEK84,00 - SEK108,00

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SEK240,00 - SEK264,00

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SEK240,00 - SEK312,00

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SEK168,00 - SEK180,00

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SEK660,00 - SEK756,00

SEK660,00 - SEK756,00

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