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From the prettiest girls’ party dresses to sharp boys’ formal suits, our kids' occasionwear collection will make your little ones shine smartly. For weddings, we have outfits for flower girls and pageboys and for proms, we offer a selection of elegant dresses.

girls dresses


Our children’s occasion wear features a leading selection of outfits for young ladies to look elegant at any event.

boys occasion wear


Dress your young man up smartly so he looks the part with our boys’ occasion wear collection.

baby occasion wear


New additions are also covered with our children’s special occasion wear, featuring gorgeous designs for baby boys and girls.

Was SEK516,00 - SEK588,00
Now  SEK412,80 - SEK470,40

Was SEK312,00
Now  SEK218,40

Was SEK456,00
Now  SEK319,20

Was SEK408,00
Now  SEK285,60

SEK240,00 - SEK336,00

Was SEK324,00 - SEK396,00
Now  SEK226,80 - SEK277,20

Was SEK540,00
Now  SEK432,00

Was SEK240,00 - SEK288,00
Now  SEK168,00 - SEK201,60

Was SEK432,00
Now  SEK302,40

Was SEK600,00
Now  SEK480,00

Was SEK384,00
Now  SEK307,20

Was SEK408,00
Then SEK285,60
Now  SEK204,00

Was SEK516,00 - SEK588,00
Now  SEK361,20 - SEK411,60

Was SEK348,00 - SEK396,00
Now  SEK243,60 - SEK277,20

Was SEK936,00 - SEK1 008,00
Now  SEK748,80 - SEK806,40

SEK288,00 - SEK312,00

Was SEK240,00 - SEK312,00
Now  SEK192,00 - SEK249,60

SEK336,00 - SEK360,00

Was SEK600,00
Now  SEK480,00

Was SEK180,00 - SEK204,00
Now  SEK126,00 - SEK142,80

Was SEK456,00 - SEK552,00
Now  SEK319,20 - SEK386,40

SEK168,00 - SEK252,00

Was SEK168,00 - SEK252,00
Now  SEK117,60 - SEK176,40

SEK180,00 - SEK252,00

Was SEK960,00 - SEK1 008,00
Now  SEK768,00 - SEK806,40

Was SEK960,00 - SEK1 008,00
Now  SEK672,00 - SEK705,60

SEK240,00 - SEK288,00

SEK216,00 - SEK264,00

Was SEK540,00 - SEK636,00
Now  SEK432,00 - SEK508,80

SEK324,00 - SEK396,00

Was SEK240,00 - SEK264,00
Now  SEK168,00 - SEK184,80

SEK336,00 - SEK360,00

SEK180,00 - SEK252,00

Was SEK180,00 - SEK252,00
Now  SEK144,00 - SEK201,60

Was SEK336,00 - SEK444,00
Now  SEK268,80 - SEK355,20

Was SEK516,00 - SEK588,00
Now  SEK361,20 - SEK411,60

Was SEK264,00
Then SEK184,80
Now  SEK132,00

Was SEK600,00 - SEK648,00
Now  SEK480,00 - SEK518,40

Was SEK900,00
Now  SEK630,00

Was SEK336,00
Now  SEK268,80

Was SEK264,00 - SEK312,00
Now  SEK211,20 - SEK249,60

Was SEK408,00
Now  SEK326,40


SEK600,00 - SEK660,00

SEK456,00 - SEK552,00

SEK240,00 - SEK312,00

SEK384,00 - SEK408,00

Was SEK444,00 - SEK516,00
Now  SEK355,20 - SEK412,80

Was SEK900,00 - SEK948,00
Now  SEK630,00 - SEK663,60

SEK216,00 - SEK288,00

SEK300,00 - SEK348,00

Was SEK384,00
Now  SEK307,20

Was SEK360,00 - SEK444,00
Now  SEK288,00 - SEK355,20

Was SEK120,00
Now  SEK84,00