Late deliveries and cancellations

We’re sorry if we're late delivering your order. We know how disappointing and inconvenient it can be, and we do everything we can to stop it happening.

If you're looking for information about when your order should arrive, you'll find everything you need to know below. This includes how we keep you up to date, and when we'd recommend getting in touch with us.

UK deliveries

1. Standard delivery takes five working days, and deliveries can carry on till 8pm.

2. Next and Nominated Day deliveries should be delivered by 8pm the next working day or on the requested. This will be confirmed in your order confirmation email.

3. Items from a single order can be delivered in multiple parcels at separate times.

4. We'll tell you the latest expected delivery date for each item in our 'Thanks for your order' email.

5. We'll also send an email when your order’s on its way, including a tracking link so you know what's happening with your order. Here's our page for tracking your order, which also tells you what the different messages in your 'tracking status' mean.

6. Bad weather can affect how long it takes us to deliver your order. To see if that's happening, please check our delivery disruptions page.

7. If your Next or Nominated Day delivery is more than a day late or your Standard Delivery is more than two days late, please contact us.

Click & Collect

1. We'll send you the expected collection date in our 'Thanks for your order' email but please don’t come in to collect until you receive the 'Your order is ready for collection' email.
2. If there's a delay, we’ll send you an email or text message to let you know.
3. If you're worried about what's happened to your order, please contact us.


1. You can check how long delivery to your country takes by looking it up in this list.

Please check the delivery times for your country below:

Country Andorra
Delivery Times (Working Days) 5 - 7

2. You can check our delivery disruptions page to see whether bad weather or a service disruption such as postal strike is causing delays.
3. If you're worried about what's happened to your order, please contact us.

Cancelled orders

If an order's cancelled – by us or you – we'll send an email to make sure you know. And we'll always give you a refund.

There are three possible reasons we might cancel orders:

1. We've run out of stock. We’re very sorry, and we do our best to avoid it, but this very occasionally happens in busy times. If you've ordered more than one thing, we'll only cancel the part of the order that's out of stock.

2. The order has failed our security checks. Please check you have entered your card and personal details such as billing address and name correctly.

3. You're using a temporary Debenhams payment card and your order's been flagged as potentially fraudulent activity. Please ensure:

  • You are not trying to buy a gift card
  • You haven't gone over your temporary credit limit. We say what your credit limit is in the PDF we email you when you get a temporary card. The maximum for anything other than furniture is £500.
  • Your delivery address is the same as the address you gave on your application for the temporary card. (But don't worry about this if you're using Click & Collect.)