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A few useful things to bear in mind...

• We try our very best to be on time

We do absolutely everything we can to make sure it gets to you on time. But there are all sorts of unforeseen problems that can prevent that - including breakdowns, extreme weather and illness. We're sorry if we're late.

• Whether we can do quick delivery depends on your address

Your postcode might not by covered by the quick delivery options. You could try a different delivery option, or arrange for it to go to a different address.

• Standard deliveries are not completed on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays

To get an estimated idea of when your parcel, will arrive during the Easter period please view the below tables.

United Kingdom
Order date Delivery Type
Standard Click & Collect Next day Next evening
16-Apr-19 25-Apr-19 18-Apr-19 17-Apr-19 17-Apr-19
17-Apr-19 29-Apr-19 20-Apr-19 18-Apr-19 18-Apr-19
18-Apr-19 30-Apr-19 23-Apr-19 19-Apr-19 24-Apr-19
19-Apr-19 30-Apr-19 23-Apr-19 23-Apr-19 24-Apr-19
20-Apr-19 30-Apr-19 23-Apr-19 23-Apr-19 24-Apr-19
21-Apr-19 30-Apr-19 24-Apr-19 23-Apr-19 24-Apr-19
22-Apr-19 30-Apr-19 24-Apr-19 24-Apr-19 24-Apr-19
23-Apr-19 30-Apr-19 25-Apr-19 24-Apr-19 24-Apr-19

Northern Ireland
Order date Delivery Type
Standard Click & Collect
16-Apr-19 25-Apr-19 18-Apr-19
17-Apr-19 29-Apr-19 23-Apr-19
18-Apr-19 30-Apr-19 23-Apr-19
19-Apr-19 30-Apr-19 23-Apr-19
20-Apr-19 30-Apr-19 23-Apr-19
21-Apr-19 30-Apr-19 24-Apr-19
22-Apr-19 30-Apr-19 24-Apr-19
23-Apr-19 30-Apr-19 25-Apr-19