How do I get an e-Receipt?

As a UK customer you will have the option of receiving your receipt electronically when you shop in one of our stores. If you have chosen to opt-in, the e-Receipt will be sent to the email address that you provide our advisor at the till point.

As well as having the option to ask for an e-Receipt you will still be able to receive a printed paper receipt.

Do I need to provide my details for an e-Receipt every time I make a purchase at a Debenhams store?

The adviser at the till will ask for your email address and from that all your details will be retrieved. You will not have to provide them all again as they are stored for future purchases.

If I have lost, deleted or haven’t received my e-Receipt, what should I do?

Please contact Our customer services team will be happy to help. Please make sure you have the following readily available to provide to our customer service representative: Store name and date of purchase.

Can I have my e-Receipt sent to multiple email addresses?

Unfortunately an e-Receipt can only be sent to the individual email address. This will be the email address you provide to the adviser when you purchase your items.

I'm receiving e-Receipts from purchases I haven’t made, what should I do?

If you believe you have received an e-Receipt for a purchase you haven't made, we're sorry but this is most likely due to human error of mistyping a very similar email address to yours. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our team will be able to help, otherwise please delete the email.

What should I do if the information on my e-Receipt is incorrect?

If any of the information is incorrect on your e-Receipt, please return with a copy of your receipt to the store where you made the original purchase.

Can I send a gift receipt as an e-Receipt?

Unfortunately we cannot send out gift e-Receipts but if you would like to receive a paper gift receipt, simply ask the sales adviser when you purchase an item.

Can I return items using my e-Receipt?

You can return your items in store by presenting your e-Receipt to one of our sales advisers. You can either print off your e-Receipt email or you can bring the email along on a device to show proof of purchase for your items.