Does my local Debenhams store offer free wifi?

Yes, all Debenhams stores offer free wifi within the UK.

How can I connect to the free Wifi?

Please follow these steps:
Step 1 –
Make sure your devices wifi is switched on.
Step 2 –
Once you are in the store please view available wifi networks in your settings.
Step 3 –
Select 'O2 WiFi' and click connect. You don't have to be with O2 to use our WiFi.
Step 4 –
Launch the Internet.
Step 5 –
Wait for O2 WiFi's welcome page to appear. Either sign up for an account. Or if you already have one, navigate to the website you want in the usual way.

If you are unable to connect to our Wifi one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you.