Issues with your password

I have forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

Step 1 –

When attempting to log in, please ensure that you have entered the correct email address in the email address field. Remember that passwords are case sensitive, so you might need to check that your caps lock is not turned on. If the email address is correct and you can still not remember your password, choose "forgotten your password?".

Step 2 –

From here, please type in your online account email - this is the email address you provided when setting up your account - and choose "Reset password".

Once submitted you will be taken shown a confirmation of your request to reset your password.

Step 3 –

Check your emails to see if the forgotten password email has been received. You should receive this email instantly, but it can take up to 2hours to arrive in your mailbox. The email contains a link which is required to be opened to reset your password.

Step 4 –

The next time you log in using your new password you will automatically be prompted to change your password to something more memorable. Fill in the form, using your new password as the existing password. Choose "submit".

- a minimum of 6 characters in length
- contain at least 1 letter
- contain at least 1 number

Once you have met each of the password requirements, the criteria will become confirmed by a green tick. If your password does not meet the required criteria, the missing element will be highlighted by a red cross. You will also get confirmation that your confirmation password matches your new password (this feature is not applicable when resetting your password via

My password reset didn't work, what should I do?

Step 1 –

If you have accidently requested more than one new password, please ensure that you use the latest email received from us.

Step 2 –

If you never received an email from us containing a new password, please check your spam/junk mail. It could be that your security settings have resulted in our email being recognized as spam.

Step 3 –

If the new password did not work your account may not exist on our database. Previous orders may have been placed as a guest, or on a different email address. Go to How do I register an account? and try to register. If you are then told that your account does in fact exist please contact our customer service team.

Tips on keeping your password secure and staying safe online

We strongly suggest taking the following steps to protect your password:

• Periodically reset your password. If you haven’t done this in a while we recommend you log into your account and do so now.
• Increase the security of your password by using a mix of lower/upper case characters, numbers and special characters.
• Don’t share your password and avoiding writing it down anywhere.
• Don’t use information that can be easily guessed as your password. This includes your Name, Date of Birth or other personal information about yourself.
• Use a different password for each online account.
• Always log off from your account when you leave your device unattended

Please be assured that your Debenhams account remains secure and these steps are an additional precaution.