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Product information queries

Please check the individual product page(s) of the item you would like information for; here you will find product images, fabric/material composition, product details, range items if available, product reviews and much more.

Step 1 -

Please look for the 'About this item' area on the product page, where you will be able to ‘Show full description’ to view the specific product details.

Step 2 -

If you would like details on the sizing of the product, please look out for the 'Size guide' link, which can again be found on the product page.

Step 3 -

If further information is required, please contact our customer services team.

Product Reviews

Why write a product review?

If you have bought or received one of the products we currently sell online, we would love for you to write a review to help other customers make an informed buying decision. We value our customers' views as they help us to constantly improve our product offering. For full details please refer to our Terms & Conditions. These may be updated from time to time, so please read them before posting.

How to leave a review if not invited by email?

• You need to have an account in order to leave a review, so please login or sign up
• Find the product you would like to review
• Click "Write a review" on the product page
• Rate your product and submit for approval

Please note that we reserve the right to restrict content that may be unacceptable.

Review guidelines & top tips:

We want to be able to publish your review so please stick to the following guidelines & tips when writing.

• Your review should be about the product: its features, characteristics and performance.
• Provide details about why you liked or disliked the product.
• Don't mention competitors or the specific price you paid for the product.
• Avoid writing about customer service; contact us instead if you have issues requiring immediate attention.
• To protect your privacy don’t post any personal information, such as full names, email addresses and phone numbers.
• Do not use offensive language or personal insults.
• All submitted reviews are subject to the terms set forth in our Terms of use

In addition, if you wish to share feedback with us about product selection, pricing, ordering, delivery or other customer service issues, please do not submit this feedback through a product review. Instead, contact us directly.

Enjoy writing your review!

Why was my review rejected?

There are a few possible reasons why you may not be able to see your review on our website:
• Your review may have been rejected, if this is the case you would have received an email from us detailing the issue that prompted the rejection.
• It can take up to 72 hours for reviews to go through our moderation process before posting them on the website, so your review may still be pending.