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Triumph products draw on 130 years of heritage but are continuously reinvented. Triumph has always valued confident empowered women - it's central to our Brand values. Empowered women have the inner confidence to know their own mind and their own style. A Triumph bra helps boost women's inner confidence because it provides both physical and emotional support

Triumph shapewear

Triumph Shapewear addresses every need from silhouette smoothing to extra high shaping.

Beauty-full darling

Inspired by the latest trends, underpinned by our trusted fit and function to suit all fits and sizes.

Amourette 300

The Amourette 300 is a feminine and iconic wired bra. Timeless design and exceptional support makes this classic a favourite of women of all ages and sizes.

Amourette bra

The most iconic collection created over 60 years ago, the Triumph Amourette concept is a timeless design that transcends generations.