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Debenhams Magazine - Issue 3

Spring is coming - and we couldn't be happier.
After a cold snap that brought new meaning to the word
'layering' and enough snow to rival Russia, the new season
collections are beginning to arrive at Debenhams - and
they're bloomin' fabulous.

To ensure you don't miss out, we're showcasing our - just aired
- Debenhams TV ad, with featured Designers at Debenhams
Ben de Lisi and Jasper Conran taking time out to chat about
their new season styles. We reveal new Designer swimwear
ranges, detail spring/summer must-haves and - in honour of
award season - showcase how to steal red carpet style.

For gents, fashion is fun with a nod to the funkiest of socks,
sexy in the form of our pick of the best beach shorts and sporty
with a spot of rugby-inspired style.

For kids we've got exciting news, with a brand new Julien
Macdonald range now available for girls, and Donna Air
reveals all about the sparkling style of the hugely popular
Donna & Markus by Markus Lupfer range.

And it doesn't stop there. Recently engaged? Read on for our
detailed guide on how to plan your perfect day, with style tips,
a limited edition hot list, gift lists explained and invaluable
advice on when to do what.

Spring is made fabulous, only at Debenhams.

Spring is in the air, with Debenhams womenswear collections
looking hot for the months ahead.

A regular feature of Debenhams magazine, here we showcase
the must-have trends and must-shop items to update your
wardrobe with new season style.

Evoke the spirit of the French
Riviera with colourful prints, fifties-
inspired cuts and a stunning splash
of sophisticated starlet style.

With spring in full swing, what
better way to get into the spirit
of the season than in pretty
prints, lightweight fabrics and
chic accessories inspired by
the vineyards of the French
Riviera. To complete the look
keep your make up natural and
sophisticated with a flawless
base, subtle smoky eyes, a
'pinch-perfect' flush to the
cheeks and just a hint of
colour to the lips.

With award season well underway, we're looking to steal our favourite stars' red carpet style.
Flashbulbs at the ready - it's style showtime.

Ethereal & elegant, actress Ashley
Greene is a vision to behold in this
delicate one-shouldered maxi dress.
Famed for her role as vampire Alice
in the Twilight series - we'd want to
live forever too with style like that.

Mexican beauty Salma Hayek is
known for her effortlessly seductive
style. Seen here wearing a classic
black dress with simple and chic gold
detail, we've gone a little further in
the form of on-trend sheer panelling
- all in the name of fashion.

A popular choice for the red
carpet, a scarlet colour helps
Rosamund Pike make a style
statement. This one-shoulder design
makes it easy to see why the actress
was chosen to be a Bond girl - she's
certainly our girl when we need a
little fashion inspiration.

She'll be the English rose and he'll be the
dashing gentleman, dressed up for spring
with quintessentially British style.

Congratulations! He's popped the question and now you're
about to start planning, considering your bridal style, who to
invite and where to hold the ceremony. Never mind the gift
list - the pre-wedding list can seem like a never-ending story.

When it comes to preparing for your wedding, don't let the
excitement turn into stress. Simply follow the Debenhams
guide of 'How to', before you say "I do", and the possible
nightmare will blossom into a fairytale dream.

It's your special day, so be sure to make it fabulous
with a dress fit for a princess. A once in a lifetime
occasion, you'll want to get it just right - so start
thinking about the dress first and foremost.

Are you a modern-day bride or a lover of vintage
glamour? Short and structured or full-length and
flowing? We've got the gowns, and essential
accessories, to give a memorable sparkle to your
big day, so search our wedding Bridal Style Guide
for that fairytale fashion inspiration.

When it comes to planning a wedding, every bride
should know that bridesmaids are her ultimate
accessory. Constantly by your side, they'll be in
every photograph and stand beside you at the
altar, so it's vital they're dressed to complement
your chosen style. Dressing them to impress won't
be a problem, with bridesmaid gowns to suit every
theme and location - in designs and cuts that will
suit any girl. Remember, they're your friends - so
listen to their opinions too and a happy wedding
party will be guaranteed - think of the inevitable
style compromises as practice for married life.

They may be small but they're a big part of
your wedding, so be sure to dress up flower
girls and page boys as the stylish little stars
that they are. From Designer brands to
occasionwear favourites, we have so many
gorgeous outfits you'll certainly want children
to be seen, even if (maybe) not heard.

Fashion so fabulous, no one
will be looking at the bride
and groom.

Metal envelope clutch £30
(Coming soon)

Glitter rose band £32
(Coming soon)

Little ones will look lovely in our
beautiful new occasionwear
ranges, designed for fancy
flower girls and picture-perfect
page boys.

Matthew Williamson dress £42
(Coming soon)

Matthew Williamson dress £42
(Coming soon)

The Debenhams spring/summer '13 TV ad has
recently aired and, as usual, we're celebrating by
catching up with the stars of the ad itself - Ben de
Lisi and Jasper Conran.

As you watch the ad and shop the new collections, Ben
and Jasper tell all about creating their latest designs,
defining their own ideas on 'true style' and suggesting key
pieces for the months ahead. This season, life is made
fabulous - only at Debenhams.

Graphic black and white is brightened up with
bougainvillaea, limes and teals.

Key pieces include the black lace and pretty scalloped
edge full skirted dress, graphic printed blazers and cotton
boatneck full skirted day dresses.

The Ben de Lisi lady is confident and feminine, but not in a
sweet sugary way. She loves colour and statement prints, is
more into Rothko than Rembrandt and she shops alone.

Style is when a woman is effortlessly chic, she makes an
entrance and exit for all the right reasons and she
doesn't need to gild the lily to be 'finished'.
In short, she is immaculate and polished.

Layered with this is a graphic approach to colour with an
emphasis on black and white, highlighted with splashes of colour.
The monochrome aspect drew inspiration from the exquisite
Ascot scene in My Fair Lady. The monochrome cross hatch
jacquard mac is the key piece to feature in the TV campaign,
accessorised with some gorgeous rich blue suede stilettos.

Who would wear my collection? Someone very chic, of course.
A stylish woman is someone who wears their look well and with
confidence. The perfect accessory should complement your look.
The perfect outfit should make you feel incredible.

While shooting the ad, the mac and stilettos caused a real
stir amongst all the women on the shoot - that's the greatest
compliment a designer can have.

Mother's Day - a chance for us to take the time to spoil,
pamper and lavish love on the woman who has given us
her everything and helped us find our way in the world.

Historically, Mother's Day was an opportunity for
young servant girls who worked away from home to
visit their mothers, bake them a cake and present it as
a gift. Whether we choose to follow this ancient concept
or take up with the turn-of-the-century version, the
common theme remains the same - love thy mother.

So, if your baking skills leave a lot to be desired and a
letter writing campaign seems a little long-winded in
this technology day and age (see right), then read on to
make Mother's Day fabulous - only at Debenhams.

We all have one - a mother who taught us everything
we know. A woman whom we love because she cooks the
tastiest food, gives the best advice and, above all, she's honest
with us. A friend will never really tell you that your bum looks
big in that on-trend peplum dress, a friend will probably not
be as honest as you would like about your latest experimental
haircut and, most importantly, a friend will meet your latest
boyfriend and say, "Well he seems nice", while your mother
will say, "He's seems nice, but definitely not for you".

Honesty may cause arguments from time to time but,
when it comes to love, it's undoubtedly the best policy, so
show your appreciation on this one day of the year. The next
day, you can go back to hanging up the phone in dismay and
telling her she knows nothing.

With our pick of the best gifts to show you care, when you go
back to being typical you, she'll know you love her really.
Because honestly, mother, we really do.

You're late and you need to get a move on. Now
where's that great shirt? Arrgh!! Creased beyond
repair. Not a problem.

In the blink of an eye and the flash of an iron, your
evening is saved by the superhero living in your home.

It's fair to say we don't speak in great detail, we don't
need to. Nods, winks but normally a grunt is enough to,
convey whether we've lost a football match, need help
with homework or need a lift to meet friends.

She may be a washer of clothes, cooker of dinners and
drier of tears but she'll always be mum.

And with a great selection of gifts, flowers and other
ideas for Mother's Day at Debenhams, it's the perfect
time to say thank you mum, you're the best.

The holiday may already be booked, but is your bag yet packed?
With gorgeous new swimwear ranges from Ben de Lisi and
Reger by Janet Reger about to launch at Debenhams, there's
no time like the present to plan your future style.

Where will you go, what will you do? We show you how to pack
for your dream destination, dressed to impress in dream-like
beach bound style.

The epitome of elegance, the lady
who holidays in St Bart's is classically
beautiful and stylishly sophisticated -
think Sophia Loren and you'll be on
the right track. Likely to be found
taking a stroll along the beach, she'll
no doubt have her bikini on with
sarong tied at waist, big hat in hand
and oversized sunnies in place.
A true city woman back home, in
the Caribbean city life slips away.

The Monaco lady oozes a monied
confidence and sophisticated chic.
A woman who likes the finer things in
life, she will opt to dress in luxurious
fabrics and eye-catching prints,
whether she is dancing with her toy
boy, swirling about in her kaftan, or
sunbathing aboard her yacht in a
strapless bathing costume. Jewels and a
cocktail are her only accessories - apart
from the obligatory heels, obviously.

When she's not dancing the
night away, the Ibiza girl can be
found lounging on the beach in
a graphic print one-piece suit,
or with her friends dancing at a
beach bar. Ever so fragile after a
night in the clubs, this is one girl
who will have invested in a wide
brimmed hat to shield her from the
sun's rays, aviators on and denim
hot pants at the ready.

They say men are from Mars, women
from Venus - and never does this appear
to be more true, than when faced with
the concept of fashion.

So what do boys really think when they
tell us the new dress we're wearing (the
one we blew our whole month's wages
on) looks "nice"? In this issue, we put
our trends forward for their test...

I think this outfit clashes with patterns
and colours - she has tried to make
her daywear more noticeable. I think
all the items individually look nice,
even the crazy trousers, but I don't
think they work well together.

l like this - the crazy trousers/
colourful shoes combo would be a
good excuse to start chatting to her.
She looks smart, but laid back and

Nice enough. Very approachable,
she seems very easy to chat to. But it
would probably be about the school
run and house prices.

This outfit isn't very exciting but
is fairly smart/casual. I think it's
something that can be easily
worn in spring during the day.

This outfit doesn't make her look
like much fun - it looks a bit too
fussy and I think she'd find it hard
to just cut loose and relax.

Sorry, not flattering. Quite a harsh
looking outfit, with shades of
power dressing.

In this outfit she has gone for more
of a rock chic look, which I don't
think works very well. I find this
whole look a bit scruffy.

She looks like she takes fashion
very seriously and I'd expect her
to have lots of piercings with
maybe a tattoo or two - she's
not exactly the girl next door.

Mostly unpretentious, except the
hat which looks like it's meant to
be with another outfit. Trying a bit
hard, if you ask me.

The pink and cream work really
well in this outfit, it's casual but
still smart enough you could go
for drinks after work and not feel
under dressed.

Classy - she looks like she hasn't
tried too hard, but looks cool
anyway. The green shades are
quite funky too!

Now that's how you do it. It takes
a lot of effort to look this effortless.

I don't think this is a very flattering
dress. It has a really nice bright
pattern, but the shape and cut make
it look like it doesn't fit her properly.

I like the big boots, but if the dress
were shorter it'd be sexier. There's
too much material and her figure is
completely swamped - which seems
a shame.

That's a big shopping bag for a lady
who looks like they have someone
to carry their shopping. I like the
combination of summer dress and
heavy boots. Am I sounding like a
fashion critic?

I like the pattern on the fabric
and the cut of the dress. It's
very summery and shows off
her figure well.

This one is the girl next door!
Looks like the typical English rose,
definitely someone you'd take
home to meet your mum.

Very cheerful, makes me happy
this. What is it with big sunglasses
though? Delicate shades are in for
2013. Or at least they should be, in
my opinion.

Update your look with the latest make up trends that
have emerged straight from the catwalk.

This season beautiful, big bold lashes
were seen on the catwalk shows of
Jean-Paul Gaultier, Moschino and
Gucci. Create full-on eye drama by
layering multiple coats of mascara
or adding a pair of thick falsies. For
maximum impact don't forget to
coat the lower lashes.

One of the biggest beauty trends this
season was colour. Seen around the
whole eye area, on the lower lash
line, in the corner of the inner eye
sockets or a single line through the
crease of the lid, a vibrant splash of
colour will add a touch of fun to
your beauty look.

The smokey eye is the most effective
and dramatic make up looks and for
spring/summer 2013 it's sultrier than ever
before. Smudging is key to this look.
Blend the eyeshadow to the top of the
lids and to the lower lashline. For a more
graphic outline create a smudged eye
liner flick towards the outer socket of
the eye. For best results apply a primer
so the smokey eye stays firmly put.

Big brows are one of this season's
hottest beauty statements. Seen
at Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren
the emphasized brow creates a
sophisticated boyish look. For best
results keep them squared off at
the ends.

This season whatever shade of
lipstick you wear from bold and
bright to nude and 'barely there'
make sure the overall finish is
matte. After applying your chosen
shade blot lips with a tissue or dab
a translucent powder to ensure all
shine is eliminated.

If there's one colour family that screams
spring it's coral. By adding peaches,
oranges and corals to your lips, nails and
cheeks you can create a subtle and
sophisticated beauty look that is bang-on
trend. Tip: These colours work best if the
rest of the face is kept minimal.

With winter a distant memory it's time to get adventurous again.
With some truly amazing clothing available in 2013, this is
a Hot List to remember.

From a briefcase and belt to a
stylish watch and shoes, these are
just some of our must-have items
for spring.

Awards season is well and truly upon us and they don't come any bigger than the BAFTAs. With
the cream of the planet's acting talent on show the best actor category was one of the most
keenly contested in years. Daniel Day-Lewis came away as the big winner but we think these
three nominees were all worth a mention.

Renowned singer and dancer
Hugh Jackman was up for his
part in Les Miserables. A Red Line
matching suit and trousers would
work wonderfully well with a
designer Oxford shirt from
J by Jasper Conran.

Daniel Day-Lewis was going for a
best actor nod for his title role in
Steven Spielberg's Lincoln.
Day-Lewis goes for a more relaxed
look and we'd recommend these
Wrangler Texas straight leg jeans
with a Maine New England t-shirt
and shirt

The ever-popular Bradley Cooper
was nominated for his role in
Silver Linings Playbook. We think
this lightweight navy harrington
designer jacket from J by Jasper
Conran would be a great match
with these blue vintage wash jeans
from RJR.John Rocha.

Founded in 1983, Nautica® has evolved from a collection of six
men's outerwear pieces to a leading global lifestyle brand with
products ranging from men's, women's and children's apparel
and accessories to a complete home collection...

The 30th anniversary Newport collection is classic Nautica,
grounded in navy and white, with red in trimming and graphic
detail, with performance-driven features that take function to
the next level.

Nautica® takes its name from the Latin word "Nauticus" for ship.
Since one of mankind's first accomplishments in exploring the
world was to take to the seas, a spinnaker logo was designed
as a symbol of adventure, action and classicism. This logo
eventually evolved into the J-Class boat logo now seen today.

Nautica® began its international expansion in 1985 and is now
available in 75 countries with more than 177 Nautica® stores
worldwide and exclusive to Debenhams within the UK.

Debenhams' brand new menswear collection for
spring/summer 2013 has arrived and, let's be honest,
it looks spectacular.

It's here. Debenhams' brand new
menswear collection for spring/
summer 2013 has arrived and, let's
be honest, it looks spectacular.

From prints to bold, strong colours
including chequered trousers and
classic brogues, it's a collection
that oozes style and quality. All the
elements you would expect from
Debenhams but this time we've
upped the ante once more.

Coming to a high street near you this
spring the collection once again
reinforces Debenhams' position
at the forefront of accessible and
affordable fashion.

But did you know the shoot lasted
12 hours, involved so many outfit
changes we lost count, required
the organisation of a military
operation and took place at a
zoo called Paradise Wildlife Park in

Online Menswear Editor Mark
Applin spent a chilly day on set and
spoke to the people that made
the shoot happen and took some
sneaky snaps...


"It'll [the shoot will] probably go from
5.30am to 6pm. I was a personal trainer
and boxer before modelling. I was a
light heavyweight and won my only,
unlicensed, fight.

"It's just a job at the end of the day but
I'd rather be doing this than a binman."

Julian fuller, Debenhams
head of menswear design

"It's the first time we've shot at a zoo.
The location became a joke then the
whole team came around to the idea.

"It depends how organised you are.
We've got all our clothes packed up
and ready. If it's not packed, it won't
get used. It's not like shooting in a studio
where you can be more flexible."

Gareth Scourfield, stylist

"You can look smart but still have your
own style. Just adding something extra
like a polka dot tie can make all the
difference. Men are becoming braver
in how they dress.

"The Debenhams' shoots are great as
they have some great designers. It filters
down to the high street so quickly now
from the catwalk."

Matt, 21
model for four years

"My agency dictates what I do and
I'll take their advice. I've done a bit of
everything. I like shooting editorial.

"I'm from a small fishing village so it's
all just a great experience and I'm
enjoying every moment."

2013 is a huge year for rugby union, not only in this country but across Europe and the
southern hemisphere. The RBS 6 Nations tournament is underway, Europe's top club
sides are down to the final eight in the Heineken Cup and the Great British & Irish Lions'
much-anticipated tour of Australia is less than four months away.

>>> Enter Front Up Rugby competition. Closes Sunday, 17th March 2013.

Sure to keep Irish eyes smiling. Limited
edition t-shirt with 'Risk Everything Fear
Nothing' print with clover crest design.

A must for England rugby union fans
everywhere. Limited edition t-shirt
with 'Risk Everything Fear Nothing'
print with an english rose crest design.

This washed blue polo has a vintage
look with an embroidered badge on
the chest. It has a double collar with a
rib under collar and woven top collar.
Wear as normal or with a collar up for
the layered look.

Let them know you mean business
with this grey marl t-shirt from Front Up.
It's printed with white & blue Guts
& Glory lettering across the chest.

Follow your British & Irish Lions heroes
Down Under wearing this brilliant red
t-shirt with a small 'Front Up On Tour'
sleeve print and a roaring Lion on the
front with the number 13 for good
measure. It's carbon washed to give
an extra soft touch.

Stylish royal blue & grey marl striped
rugby shirt embroidered crest & logo
on the chest. Has number 7 on the
back. Obviously.

Great looking red t-shirt with cracked
chest print and is pigment dyed with
flatlock stitching for a vintage effect.

There's no better feeling than having a pair of funky socks
hidden underneath a particularly smart pair of trousers. Or
on proud display with a great pair of tailored shorts. Why not
take a walk on the wild side with some awesome examples
of extravagant ankle wear?

Need to brighten up your day? These orange, green,
pink and blue socks with an embroidered funny face
design are just the job.

These great socks have differently coloured check patterns
and hexagon designs. With red, green, blue, maroon,
turquoise and orange to choose from they make a great
alternative to boring plain black.

These navy, maroon, turquoise and orange with
hexagon design socks from Red Herring aren't
too 'out there' so should be embraced. Great for
special occasions or just the office.

Fan of stars and stripes? Look no further than these socks
which include a multi-striped pair, one star and stripe
patterned pair and two star patterned pairs in colours
green and blue.

Whether you're off in search of winter sun or preparing for a
summer beach holiday, swimwear is an essential piece of kit.

From sunbathing to surfing you want to wear something cool, fashionable
and something you don't mind walking around in while wringing wet.

Spring is upon us so it's time to break out the smooth,
cool colours that the season conjures up.

Our extensive ranges of casual shirts is perfect
for any occasion. From floral designs to a
navy chambray, we've got a wide selection of
great shirts for this spring and beyond.

And creating the perfect outfit couldn't be simpler with
Debenhams superb denim offering and great variations
of chinos and cord trousers.

Floral shirt from RJR.John Rocha's
exclusive designer menswear range
has a single button cuff and a
pocket on the chest.

Dark turquoise long sleeved
shirt, with cream fine floral
print, teal embroidered bird
and a chest pocket.

Rose long sleeved shirt with
sketched effect floral pattern
and small chest pocket.

Natural long sleeved designer shirt,
which is printed with navy and white
thistle patterns and fastened with
domed, branded grey buttons.
A classy choice.

This pale blue men's shirt from the
RJR.John Rocha has a textured
floral print with contrast black
buttons and a single chest pocket.

Navy chambray shirt has a mini
paisley design with a button down collar
and a single button down chest pocket

Going to work, going on holiday or going away for the weekend,
bags are important fixtures in our daily life.

From leather briefcases containing important work documents
- or maybe just your lunch - to great looking backpacks for day
trips or long weekends.

Take a look at some of the best briefcases and backpacks we
have to offer and bag yourself a bargain. But hurry, you need to
grab them before somebody else does...

This black leather look briefcase from J by Jasper
Conran features a double mock buckle push clasp
fastening with a handle top. It has an additional
adjustable cross body strap as well as a padded
internal compartment for a laptop.

Produced in the British Isles for RJR.John Rocha
this luxury woollen herringbone backpack has two
front pockets, is detailed with leather trims
and has padded straps.

This brown firm leather briefcase from J by
Jasper Conran has a double trigger clasp
fastening, an extendable grab handle at
the top and logo on the back.

This orange zip around backpack from Mantaray
has padded, adjustable straps with detachable
hook fastenings and a hanging loop to the top. It's
detailed with an additional grab handle to the side
and two internal pockets.

RJR.John Rocha's exclusive designer range
offers this brown luxury leather briefcase with an
extendable woven strap and clip fasten front.

Dark green quilted backpack from RJR.John Rocha
has a waxed cotton fabric main with leather trims
and padded, adjustable straps and is finished with a
heritage feel.

They may only be small, but that doesn't mean they
won't have a big love for fashion...

Mother and daughter can share
the same designer style inspiration,
thanks to brand new collections for
little girls from Julien Macdonald.

Star by Julien Macdonald suit £17
(Coming soon)

Coming soon... Julien Macdonald for baby
boys & toddler boys. Style your little gent in
dapper styles from our exciting new Designer
at Debenhams kids' range.

Never mind a teddy bears' picnic - when you go down to
the woods today, there'll be no big surprise to find
kids' dressed in fabulous style from Debenhams.

The latest addition to Designers at Debenhams, together fashion
designer Markus Lupfer and TV presenter and actress Donna Air have
put some huge sparkle into the childrenswear range at Debehams.

Renowned for his humorously subversive knitwear and inspired
approach to jersey, Markus Lupfer boasts a devoted celebrity
following with fans including Madonna, Beyonce, Alexa Chung,
of course, Donna herself.

Here, Donna tells us how the dynamic duo have put the fun into
kids' fashion at Debenhams.

Q: We're loving the snazzy designs you've brought to
Debenhams' kidswear department - how did this fabulous
partnership come about?

A: Markus and I have been friends for many years and it was
always very obvious, given how fun and sparkly his main clothing
line is, how well his brand would work for kids.

Q: Is working on a fashion line something you've always
been interested in?

A: Yes, after 20 years working alongside the fashion industry,
and closely with stylists, it's amazing how much you absorb and
your eye starts to become programmed - this is a great way of
channelling everything I have learnt.

Q: What do you and Markus each bring to the collection?
A: Markus brings his years of experience and I bring practical
advice as a mum. Markus is all about the style aesthetic and I have
more of a practical view - Markus doesn't like to compromise on
the look or the design.

Q: Currently a girlswear collection, will boys be able to
get in on style act soon? Can we hope for an a 'grown-ups'
line for the Markus Lupfer lovers? Pretty please.

A: Boyswear is very much being discussed at the moment - we
have lots of plans for Donna and Markus and feel very flattered
that people want so much of it. At the moment, we are taking
the time to decide what should be prioritised first.

Q: What inspires you when it comes to thinking up the
eye-catching slogans and motifs?

A: Obviously the time of year plays to the mood, colour and
themes that we present in each collection, yet we also love to
go against the grain and do things that are totally different.
The thing with Donna and Markus that will continue, season
after season, will be its sense of fun, colour, contemporary
style and, as always, comfort and wearability.

Q: Favourite pieces?
A: My favourite pieces are from the new collection in February, such as
the signature 'I Love You' t-shirts (we will be including these in every
season) and the giraffe motif. There is also something very special on its
way for pre-summer, so watch this space.

Q: We imagine your daughter has the whole collection in her
wardrobe already. Does she have a few personal favourites?

A: Freya does put dibs on everything she wants - her favourite was the
'Boom' jumper and 'I Love You' sweatshirt - she is also eagerly awaiting
the arrival of the new stuff.

Q: Does she have much say in the designs?
A: Freya is very vocal on what she likes and what she doesn't like - as we
speak she is setting up her own website and own fashion blog. My sister
has also graduated in Fashion, Design and Marketing, so my house is full
of girls with a passion for fashion and some strong opinions.

Q: We're always intrigued in how our designer duos work
together - do you always agree throughout the design process?
Can anyone own up to being the bossy one?

A: We are both very laid back and the type of people that will always
let the other be creative, even if we don't always agree. Ideas should be
explored and we give each other that freedom.

Q: Finally, if you had to design a t-shirt with one word or
phrase, emblazoned on the front, to describe Markus
- what would it say?

A: 'Lovely in Every Way'.

Always centre stage for fashion, our
Debenhams diary gives you a sneak peek
of what goes on behind the scenes.

Preparing to say "I do"?

In honour of the wedding season, we're giving
away two stunning bridal accessory sets - the
Lydia Delmante from Jon Richard, available at
Debenhams - comprising of necklace, earrings,
bracelet and fairytale tiara, worth £125!

To be in with a chance to win, brides-to-be simply
have to visit the Debenhams blog.

With any luck, the Lydia Delmante will soon be
yours - to have and to hold.

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