Posted on 28-Feb-2020
By Georgia Drew

The Lucy Tiffney interview

We chat interiors, homeware and inspiration...

We've caught up with Lucy Tiffney, our new homeware designer, to talk us through her very colourful cook and dine collection.

The wonderful world of Lucy Tiffney

Lucy Tiffney is a woman of many talents, from interior design to mural painting and now designing homeware. Her cheerful style and liberal use of colour earned her a well-deserved place - and a spot in the final - on series three of the Great Interior Design Challenge. Now she has collaborated with Debenhams to create a cheerful cook and dine collection to brighten homes across the country.


D: We managed to sit down with Lucy to catch up on her latest project. How did the collection with Debenhams come about?

LT: I met the lovely team from Debenhams at a trade fair a couple of years ago where they expressed an interest in my work. Then about a year ago they approached me to design the new collection and I was really excited.


D: What was the inspiration behind the collection?

LT: We loved the idea of taking the colour and elements of my work into people's homes to make them happy homes. Debenhams had the idea that we could add some animals to give it a conversational, focus element. We added bright monkeys and birds in bright textures and tones.

D: Tell us about the prints in the collection.

LT: Debenhams really liked designs that I'd previously created and then I painted a brand-new design that I could adapt to put on the products.


D: What's your favourite piece from the collection?

LT: The big tea pot with the big gold knob on the top. It's fun, lively and it's obviously my design. I'm really proud of it, I hope some of my personality comes across in the designs. I'm so into colour and shape and form and I'm just so happy with the collection.


D: How would you describe your style?

LT: My artistic style has been influenced by so many different things over the years but it's fundamentally about colour and happiness.


Come and watch Lucy in person as she paints a mural across our Oxford Street windows on 5th March from 10am.