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SKU: YDD04137-247-35
SKU: YDD04137-247-35

Fortify Shampoo 250ml

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This vegan shampoo, enriched with guarana and ricinus, strengthens weakened hair and slows hair loss. Day after day, hair is stronger and more resistant. Fortify shampoo comes as a targeted hair loss treatment complement by bringing all the essential elements to hair vitality thanks to the botanical benefits of guarana, which strengthens the fibre, energises the scalp and stimulates growth. Also enriched with ricinus extract, it improves circulation in the scalp to create a favourable environment for hair growth. Day after day, the hair is stronger, more resistant. Individual hair has a life cycle of 2 to 6 years and renews itself throughout life. It is therefore normal to lose between 100 and 200 hairs per day depending on the season. Beyond that, hair loss is abnormal and should be addressed with a treatment adapted to each case. Thinning hair results from a particular event or a dysregulation of the hair cycle due to hereditary or hormonal factors. In each case, the hair fibre and anchor weaken. Day after day, the hair looks sparse, the scalp becomes visible and the hair becomes thinner from the root. It becomes necessary to fortify them with an adapted treatment in order to slow down their loss and stimulate their growth. Fortify shampoo enables to fortify fragile hair and completes the action of the targeted anti-hair loss treatment. Contains 93% naturally derived ingredients. Sulphate-free for a gentle wash, silicone-free for soft touch. Principal natural active ingredients:- Guarana: energises, strengthens the fibre and stimulates growth. Ricinus extract: improves blood circulation in the scalp and activates hair growth. British Vegan Society Certified.
inci: aqua/water/eau, sodium lauroyl glutamate, decyl glucoside, sodium methylcocoyl taurate, sodium cocoamphoacetate, diglycerin, citric acid, propylene glycol, hydroxypropyl starch phosphate, parfum (fragrance), guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, acrylates/c10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, sodium benzoate, xanthan gum, ethylhexylglycerin, menthyl pca, ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, glycerin, menthol, limonene, sodium hydroxide, dipropylene glycol, paullinia cupana seed extract, tocopherol. the list of ingredients may be subject to modifications, we advise you to check the list appearing on the purchased product. the list of ingredients may be subject to modifications, we advise you to check the list appearing on the purchased product.